Small Talk in Luxembourgish

Small Talk in Luxembourgish
A practical course that will help you speak Luxembourgish spontaneously in everyday conversations!

Luxembourgish is today considered an endangered language since only around 400.000 people speak it. Still, it is a useful tool to understand other international languages such as German and Dutch!
This course will allow you to communicate spontaneously in different situations: be it talking about current events, jobs and job experience or travelling!
Learn useful vocabulary used in everyday conversation and polish your Luxembourgish thanks to our audio recordings!
Be able to talk to your friends and family about everything and anything! Start learning today!
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Conversation Starters and Greetings - Gespréich ufänken a BegréissungenConversation Starters and Greetings - Gespréich ufänken a Begréissungen  
36 flashcards
Typical Responses - Typesch ÄntwertenTypical Responses - Typesch Äntwerten  
32 flashcards
Talking about the weather - Iwwer d'Wierder schwätzenTalking about the weather - Iwwer d'Wierder schwätzen  
44 flashcards
Talking about current events - Iwwer aktuell Evenementer schwätzenTalking about current events - Iwwer aktuell Evenementer schwätzen  
57 flashcards
At the office - Am BüroAt the office - Am Büro  
62 flashcards
At a social event - Op engem sozialen EventAt a social event - Op engem sozialen Event  
51 flashcards
At a Conference - Op enger KonferenzAt a Conference - Op enger Konferenz  
35 flashcards
Catching up and gossiping - KlaatschenCatching up and gossiping - Klaatschen  
126 flashcards
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Why should you learn Luxembourgish?

The Luxembourgish language is not so popular, but of course, it will be really helpful if you are living in Luxembourg, to get to know better the local culture or to talk in the Luxembourgish language when you are working. Local people love when a foreigner tries to speak their language! If you are planning to stay in Luxembourg in the future, it will be really useful to learn Luxembourgish! If you already speak German and French, it won’t be hard to learn the Luxembourgish language. If you love nature, you will probably want to learn Luxembourgish! Did you know that Luxembourg is called the Green Heart of Europe because of its fertile green countryside and its strategic location in the heart of Western Europe? In fact, around 40 % of its territory is ‘green surfaces’!

Thanks to this course about the Luxembourgish language, you will be able to enrich your Luxembourgish vocabulary, you will learn Luxembourgish easily and you’ll know how to have a small conversation in Luxembourgish!

What will you learn?

You will learn Luxembourgish, you will improve your Luxembourgish language level and you’ll know how to have a small talk in Luxembourgish. For example, you will learn:

  • 1. Conversation Starters and Greetings in the Luxembourgish language = Gespréich ufänken a Begréissungen, for example, “Pleased to meet you.” = “Enchantéiert, Iech kennenzeléieren”;
  • 2. Typical Responses= Typesch Äntwerten, for example, “Could you say it again?” = “Kanns du dat widderhuelen?”;
  • 3. At a social event = Op engem sozialen Event, for example, “Can you speak English? | Yes, a little bit.” = “Kennt Dir Englesch schwätzen? | Jo, e bessen.”;
  • 4. Catching up and gossiping = Klaatschen, for example, “Listen to this!” = “Lauschter dat hei!”;
  • 5. Travelling= Reesen, for example, “How far is it from the airport to the hotel?” = “Wéi wäit ass et vum Fluchhafe bis an den Hotel?”.

Thanks to this course, you will be able to learn Luxembourgish and to have a small conversation with locals, with your friends or with people who speak Luxembourgish.

Start learning Luxembourgish!

Thanks to our course, you will be able to improve your level of Luxembourgish language learning how to have small conversations. You won’t even notice that you are studying! You will learn Luxembourgish in an easy and fast way with our effective flashcard method! 

After this course, we recommend you to take a look at Luxembourgish in 1 day and after finishing this course, take a glance also at the Luxembourgish: Day 2 course. This way, you will have a deeper knowledge of the Luxembourgish language and you’ll learn Luxembourgish. Vill Gléck!