Top 500 Luxembourgish verbs

Top 500 Luxembourgish verbs
Learn the most frequently used verbs in Luxembourgish!

Improve your Luxembourgish and master the language of Robert Schuman, one of the founders of the European Union!
Learn useful verbs used in everyday conversation and polish your Luxembourgish pronunciation thanks to our audio recordings!
Verbs are the main part of a sentence and without them thoughts can’t be properly conveyed. Learn this list of 500 Luxembourgish verbs and easily express your thoughts and feelings!
What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!
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Learn Luxembourgish: what is Luxembourgish?

Luxembourg language, or Luxembourgish, is the official language of Luxembourg, a small country in Western Europe. Not only people in Luxembourg speak Luxembourgish, a small minority of Belgium and France living near the border of Luxembourg also speak this language. There are around 390,000 native speakers of Luxembourg language, accounting for 50% of Luxembourg citizens. Nowadays, Luxembourg is becoming an active economic centre of Europe, especially in finance and service, which attracts more and more people to learn Luxembourgish as their second or third language. Would you like to learn Luxembourgish and have a chance to join in Luxembourg labour market, or study and travel in Luxembourg? So, let's learn Luxembourgish! Right now, Vocapp would like to introduce to you a course to learn Luxembourgish: learn Luxembourgish: top 500 verbs to help you learn Luxembourgish effectively.

How to learn Luxembourgish well?

Similar to other West Germanic system's language, Luxembourgish can make you confused with other languages like German and Dutch. To learn Luxembourgish well, you should pay attention to learn its vocabulary and make those vocabularies yours. For instance, when you see something, try to describe the activities in Luxembourgish and take note of the words that you don't know so that you can learn them. VocApp provides you with 500 common verbs in flashcards to help you learn Luxembourgish. Flashcard is known as a very effective way to learn new vocabulary, confirmed by millions of language learners all over the world. Each flashcard includes one verb in the Luxembourgish language; moreover, it also shows you how to pronounce the verb, with attractive images and an active example to help you learn Luxembourgish. You can add your own new word to make it a flashcard as well!

learn Luxembourgish more and more!

So, let's start to learn Luxembourgish as soon as possible! 500 common verbs that we prepared for you are completely suitable for you to learn Luxembourgish anytime, anywhere, and you can continue to learn Luxembourgish with other topics like nouns and adjectives, popular Luxembourgish phrases...! Keep learning Luxembourgish by some Luxembourgish courses here: Most common Luxembourgish nouns and learn Luxembourgish: top 300 adjectives. Go go go!

First, let's try to learn 5 verbs below in Luxembourg language in 1 minute:

  • 1.go = gitt
  • 2. run = lafen
  • 3. jump = sprangen
  • 4. fly = fléien
  • 5. dance = danzen