To be, to have, to go - Sinn, hunn, goen

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I am
I am a student, what about you?
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ech sinn
Ech si Student, an du?
they are
They are my parents.
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si sinn
Si si meng Elteren.
he goes
He goes to school at 8 a.m.
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hien geet
Hien geet um 8 Auer moies an d'Schoul.
we have
We have enough money.
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mir hunn
Mir hu genuch Suen.
they have
They have a problem, we should help them.
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si hunn
Si hunn e Problem, mir sollten hinnen hëllefen.
you are
You are such good students!
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dir sidd
Dir sidd esou gutt Studenten!
I go
I go to the supermarket.
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ech ginn
Ech ginn an de Supermarché.
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