Words used to describe facial expressions nouns

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czyjaś skrzywiona mina (mówiąca o braku aprobaty)
a movement of your top lip upwards at one side in a way that shows that you are annoyed, bored, or do not respect someone
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a curl of one's lip
a particular feeling that someone’s eyes seem to express
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a light in someone’s eyes
oblicze, mina, wyraz twarzy
literary your face, or the expression on your face,
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smutna mina
informal a sad, disappointed, or serious expression on someone’s face
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long face
an expression on someone’s face that hides their true feelings, thoughts, or character
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wyraz twarzy
very formal the usual expression on someone’s face, or their usual way of behaving
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gniewne spojrzenie
an angry expression on someone’s face
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