ways of looking

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patrzeć gniewnie
frown angrily.
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She was very angry and scowled at him while she talked.
zmrużyć oczy
look with eyes half shut or turned sideways, or through a narrow opening.
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She squinted through the letter-box and saw an envelope.
zerknąć, rzucić okiem
look quickly and secretively.
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She found her brother peeking at her diary.
patrzeć pożądliwie
look or stare (at a woman) suggesting sexual interest.
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Most women hate being ogled at.
wytrzeszczać oczy
look with the eyes wide open in surprise or shock. (old-fashioned)
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People were goggling at her as if she were from another planet.
przyglądać się
look directly or closely.
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Francis eyeballed a beautiful woman at the party.
rzucić okiem na coś
(informal) look at something.
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take a gander at something
rzucić na coś okiem
look at something, examine something.
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cast an eye on/over something
look through the pages of a book or magazine; look at the goods in a shop without really wanting to buy anything.
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Sheila spent all the afternoon browsing the boutiques.
szczegółowo badać (coś), analiować (coś)
examine thoroughly and carefully.
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John scrutinized the painting at the museum.
wyksztuszać (słowa)
talk quickly in short confused phrases, in anger or surprise.
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'But... what... where... how could you?' she spluttered.
Te kury dziobią ziarno
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The hens are pecking at some grain

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