Typical Romanian dishes - Mâncăruri tipic românești

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cabbage rolls
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a dish you can find at any celebration; it consists of minced meat (pork or in combination with poultry) mixed with spices, rice, and onions, then rolled up in fermented cabbage leaves, boiled in a special sauce made of sauerkraut and tomato juice
beef salad
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salată de beouf
vegetables (pickles, boiled carrots and potatoes, peas, pepper, corn, olives) and meat cut into small cubes, along with mayonnaise
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a side dish for sarmale or served plain with sour cream and Romanian cheese, being made of corn flour boiled in water with a pinch of salt and a few drops of sunflower oil
tripe soup
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ciorbă de burtă
a real delicacy, considered the ultimate hangover remedy; tripe soup is made from the stomach of a cow, vegetables, and special bones, flavoured with lots of garlic and soured with vinegar
lamb drop
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drob de miel
a festive Easter dish consisting of Minced lamb offal, green onions, eggs, and bread dipped in milk are baked together along with fresh-cut herbs, such as dill and parsley, and garlic
sweet bread
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a traditional Romanian dessert; a type of sweetbread filled with sweet walnut paste, poppy seed paste, or Turkish delight and raisins
grilled minced meat rolls
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very popular on barbeques, street food, cottage weekends, and birthday celebrations; meat rolls consisting of minced pork and beef mixed with garlic, spices, and sodium bicarbonate, served as grilled small sausage-like portions
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a type of doughnut covered in sour cream and jam, preferably blueberry
pork rinds
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a crunchy, salty starter called jumări are made of frying bits of bacon and pig fat; this is best served warm and always accompanied with raw onions and a shot of țuică, the traditional plum brandy, as a digestive
vegetable dip
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a mixture of roasted and minced red peppers and eggplant and other vegetables, like carrots, perhaps mushrooms

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