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Telephoning - ApelândTelephoning - Apelând  
16 flashcards
Telephoning (phrases) - Apelând (expresii)Telephoning (phrases) - Apelând (expresii)  
87 flashcards
Customer care - Asistență pentru cliențiCustomer care - Asistență pentru clienți  
15 flashcards
Customer care (phrases) - Asistență pentru clienți (fraze)Customer care (phrases) - Asistență pentru clienți (fraze)  
21 flashcards
E-mails - E-mail-uriE-mails - E-mail-uri  
39 flashcards
Meetings - ÎntâlniriMeetings - Întâlniri  
33 flashcards
Meetings (phrases) - Întâlniri (fraze)Meetings (phrases) - Întâlniri (fraze)  
115 flashcards
Presentations - PrezentăriPresentations - Prezentări  
25 flashcards
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Romanian language at the workplace

Do you work in a Romanian company and you want to learn Romanian, not just to improve your skills, but also to acquire knowledge that can help you at the workplace. There are a lot of things that you need to know, depending on the department you work in, but don’t worry, we have a lot of Romanian courses regarding business Romanian, how to make presentations for example or Romanian words and phrases you can use in customer service, IT, HR, marketing etc. There are a lot of areas you have to work on regarding vocabulary, but it is not extremely hard to learn Romanian. The Romanian language is quite easy, being a Romance language, so it is similar to Italian, French, Spanish and even English since a lot of Romanian words used in companies come from the English language.

Learn Romanian in an easy and fast way

You have plenty of Romanian courses, but they are not to your taste, they are boring or ineffective. There is a much effective solution for you. Use flashcards to memorise and practise your pronunciation. We offer you textual, audio and visual flashcards that help you train all your skills, while you learn in an easy and fast way. You can learn Romanian words that are useful in a business background, and even how to use them in examples. But if you are not interested in our existing Romanian courses you can create your own flashcards however you like it. learn Romanian the way you find the most suitable for you, but make sure to practice all your acquired skills, right where you work. Do not be afraid or ashamed to ask a colleague during lunch break to hold a conversation with you in the Romanian language about things that pertain to work.

What other Romanian courses can you find in our app?

If you are interested to broaden your Romanian language in other domains, here is a list of Romanian courses that can help you in any domain you are interested in:

So, if you want to learn Romanian, don’t hesitate to visit our website and app and use our Romanian courses or create your own flashcards with Romanian words. You will surely not regret and will learn very fast and easy.