Time for breakfast (dialogues) - Dags för frukost (samtal)

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Pass me a teaspoon, please.
Here you are.
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Ge mig en tesked, tack.
I want to drink some tea.
With sugar?
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Jag vill dricka te.
Med socker?
I don't like eggs.
Have a ham sandwich then.
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Jag tycker inte om ägg.
Ta en skinksmörgås då.
Do we have any yoghurt?
Sure, in the fridge.
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Har vi någon yoghurt?
Visst, i kylen.
Can you slice the tomato for me?
Sure, shall I put it on your sandwich?
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Kan du skiva tomaten för mig, tack?
Visst, ska jag lägga den på din smörgås?
Can you pass me a fork, please?
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Kan du ge mig en gaffel, tack?
I'd like to eat a pear.
Another one?
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Jag vill äta ett päron.
En till?
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