Friends and family (dialogues) - Vänner och familj (samtal)

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I'd like grandpa to come tomorrow.
Grandfather's coming on Sunday.
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Jag skulle vilja att morfar kommer i morgon.
Farfar kommer på söndag.
I'd like to visit Adam at the weekend.
How about on Saturday morning?
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Jag skulle vilja besöka Adam i helgen.
Vad sägs om lördag morgon?
Can we visit grandma?
Yes, when would you like to go?
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Kan vi besöka mormor?
Ja, när skulle du vilja gå?
Can we see Julia tomorrow evening?
How about on Monday?
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Kan vi se Julia imorgon kväll?
Vad sägs om måndag?
When is grandma coming?
On Tuesday.
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När kommer mormor?
På tisdag.
Can we visit Mark?
Hmm, maybe at the weekend?
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Kan vi besöka Mark?
Hum, kanske i helgen?
Are we going to auntie Agata's today?
No, sugar. We're going to go at the weekend.
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Går vi till moster Agatas idag?
Nej, älskling. Vi ska gå denna helg.
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