Everyday phrases in Swedish

Everyday phrases in Swedish
Discover the language of IKEA and pickled herring!

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Greetings, farewells and courtesy phrases - Hälsningar, farväl och artighetsfraserGreetings, farewells and courtesy phrases - Hälsningar, farväl och art...  
20 flashcards
Shopping - HandlaShopping - Handla  
20 flashcards
At school - I skolanAt school - I skolan  
19 flashcards
In a bank - I en bankIn a bank - I en bank  
20 flashcards
In a restaurant - På en restaurangIn a restaurant - På en restaurang  
20 flashcards
In an interview - I en intervjuIn an interview - I en intervju  
20 flashcards
At work - På jobbetAt work - På jobbet  
20 flashcards
In a hotel - I ett hotellIn a hotel - I ett hotell  
20 flashcards
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Interesting facts about the Swedish language

The Swedish language is an interesting language and if you plan to learn common Swedish phrases, it will be very useful to know some facts about its origins. Here are some of the most absorbing things to know about Swedish:

  • 1. It is a North Germanic language that has many dialects.
  • 2. The Standard Swedish dialect became standardized in the 20th century.
  • 3. Swedish borrowed many words from other languages, for example, from French. The word "bataljon" comes from the French "bataillon" and "adjö" from "adieu".
  • 4. Over 9 million people are native Swedish speakers.
  • 5. More than 35 000 students are learning Swedish outside Sweden.
  • 6. Swedish has lexical similarities with other Scandinavian languages, as Norwegian and Danish.
  • 7. The definite articles in Swedish are placed after the nouns.

Learn common Swedish phrases

This Swedish course includes fun flashcards with common Swedish phrases as Swedish sayings and Swedish greetings, farewells and courtesy phrases that will be really useful when speaking to natives. The common Swedish phrases are very important when it comes to learning Swedish. They will help you speak to your work colleagues, do shopping, order a dish in a restaurant. The lessons also include common Swedish phrases to use at school or in an interview. The flashcards will present each of the common Swedish phrases along with its meaning and other explanations, for example, how is it literally translated. You will also learn the pronunciation of the Swedish phrases included in the course in order to know how to pronounce them correctly and be understood. The Swedish greetings will help you start a conversation with a native and impress him with your Swedish skills. You can download the flashcards to learn common Swedish phrases on the go, whenever and wherever you want.

More resources to learn Swedish

Learning common Swedish phrases and Swedish greetings will definitely make it easier for you to express your thoughts in Swedish but if you would like to learn more, we have many professional courses on our site on different topics. We advise you to proceed to the Swedish Words: Top 1000 Nouns, Swedish Words: Top 500 Verbs and Swedish Words: Top 300 Adjectives courses that include the most commonly used Swedish nouns, verbs and adjectives. Along with the common Swedish phrases, they will help you form your own sentences in Swedish and start conversations with natives. Learn the common Swedish phrases and continue developing your Swedish vocabulary with our flashcards. Download the course to listen to the common Swedish phrases and remember them fast!