Swedish Words: Top 1000 Nouns

Swedish Words: Top 1000 Nouns
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Why should you learn Swedish?

Many people ask themselves if they need to learn Swedish and how to learn Swedish. The Swedish language is a great language to learn for those planning to visit Sweden. Some basic Sweden words can impress the natives and play a big role when you'll want to make new friends. Also, many people learn Swedish to study or live in Sweden because it is such a beautiful and safe country. Swedish is widely spoken in Scandinavian and is mutually intelligible with Danish and Norwegian, meaning that if you'll learn Swedish, it will be really easy for you to conquer all Scandinavian languages. Also, many ask themselves is Swedish hard to learn? We think that it's not because there are many similarities in the grammar and vocabulary of English and Swedish because of the common Germanic roots. Learn to speak Swedish with VocApp and live in one of the best countries!

Best way to learn Swedish

One of the best ways to learn Swedish is with flashcards. They are super fun and effective and they help you understand and remember Swedish words easily. Our online language courses are made by professional linguists that want to help you learn Swedish. The Swedish lessons of our courses include flashcards with English to Swedish translation and Swedish pronunciation. They have everything you need in order to learn Swedish fast and develop your Swedish vocabulary. The Spaced Repetition System will help you enrich your Swedish vocabulary by repeating the difficult Swedish words and remembering them forever. The fun app is a great tool to add more words to your Swedish vocabulary while commuting or at a boring lesson. Explore our great platform to find an entire collection of courses dedicated to Swedish vocabulary and find the perfect course for you!

Learn Swedish nouns

This course is perfect for those who want to learn Swedish nouns. It includes only the most frequently used Swedish nouns. These Swedish nouns are a very important part of your Swedish vocabulary because they will add information to your sentences. Also, learning these Swedish nouns will develop your skills to speak Swedish fluently and find the perfect words for all situations. Improve your Swedish vocabulary with this course of Swedish nouns! Find some examples of Swedish nouns that you'll learn with this course below:

  • 1. en tid = time
  • 2. en sak = thing
  • 3. ett samtal = conversation
  • 4. en dag = day
  • 5. en kväll = evening

Find at least 5 minutes daily to dedicate to learning Swedish nouns and you'll soon observe you understand many words in Swedish! Continue enriching your Swedish vocabulary by following our other courses, for example, the Swedish Words: Top 500 Verbs and Swedish Words: Top 300 Adjectives. They include the most frequently used verbs and adjectives that you can combine with the Swedish nouns to form complex sentences and express your thoughts in Swedish. Master the Swedish nouns, adjectives and verbs to know the most used Swedish words! Conquer this unique Scandinavian language with VocApp and step forward to an amazing and interesting life!