Rebeca Phrasal Verbs

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Sue got over her cold
get over = recover from ilness
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Sue se recupero de su resfriado
get off/on the plane
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bajar / subir al avión
get in/get out of my car
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entrar / salir de mi coche
Someone needs to look into this problem
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Alguien necesita investigar este problema
I ran into Peter at the market
run into = meet by chance
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Me encontré con Peter en el mercado
We called off the picnic due to bad weather
call off = cancel
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Anulamos el picnic debido al mal tiempo.
I borrowed Alex's pen, then I gave it back
give back = return something to someone
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Tomé prestado el bolígrafo de Alex, luego se lo devolví
Thanks for the loan. I'll pay you back soon.
pay back = return borrowed money to someone
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Gracias por el prestamo. Te lo devolveré pronto.
I put the clean dishes away
put away = put something in its proper place
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Guarde los platos limpios
I put my papers back into my briefcase
put back = return something to its original place
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Vuelvo a poner mis papeles en mi maletín
We put out the campfire
put out = extinguish fire, a cigarrette
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Apagamos la fogata
I shut off my printer
shut off = stop a machine or light (turn off)
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Apago mi impresora
I crossed out the misspelled word
cross out = draw a line through
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Taché la palabra mal escrita
We fill in blanks in grammar erecises
fill in = complete by writing in a blank space
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Completamos espacios en blanco en erecisos gramaticales.
I filled out a job application
filled out = write information in a form
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Rellené una solicitud de trabajo
We fillep up the gas tank
fill up = Fill completely with gas, water, coffee, etc...
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Llenamos el tanque de gasolina
I found out where he lives
find out = discover information
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Descubrí donde vive
se has a blue blouse on
have on = wear
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ella tiene una blusa azul
Look over your paper for errors
look over = examine carefully
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Revise su papel en busca de errores
The teacher pointed out a misspelling
point out = call attention to
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El maestro señaló un error ortográfico
I finished the letter and printed it out
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Terminé la carta y la imprimí
They tore down the old house
tear down = destroy a building
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Derribaron la vieja casa
I tore a page out of a magazine
tore out = remove (paper) by tearing
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Arranqué una página de una revista
I tore up the secret note
tear up = tear into small pieces
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Rompí la nota secreta
After a mile, we turned around/back
turn around/back = change to the opposite direction
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Después de una milla, nos dimos la vuelta / retrocedimos
I turned the paper over and wrote on the back
turn over = turn the top side to the bottom
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Le di la vuelta al papel y escribí en la parte de atrás
Pilar made plans to get even with her sister
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Pilar hizo planes para vengarse de su hermana
Most likely
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Lo más probable
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lágrima, arrancar una pagina y rasgadura
You should write the phone number down
write... down = anotar/escribirla
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Deberías anotar el número de teléfono
How did you figure out that problem?
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¿Cómo resolviste ese problema?
The racing car spun off and slammed into the wall
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El coche de carreras se puso a dar vueltas y se estrelló contra la pared.

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