Phrasal verbs (K-P) – English Vocabulary

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state a rule - especially lay down the law

disappoint, break a promise

allow to be part of a secret

excuse from punishment

inform about a secret - colloquial

(not) live down
start learning
suffer a loss of reputation

live up to
start learning
reach an expected standard



look someone up
start learning
visit when in the area

result in

make off with
start learning
run away with

pretend/manage to see or understand

make someone out
start learning
understand someone's behaviour


make up for
start learning
compensate for

fail to include/loose a chance - colloquial

confess - colloquial

stop an activity - colloquial

take revenge - colloquial

improve - colloquial

pin someone down
start learning
force to give a clear statement

behave or work badly

draw attention to a fact

manage to succeed

continue with some effort - colloquial

put across
start learning
communicate ideas

put down to
start learning
explain the cause of

put in for
start learning
apply for a job

put oneself out
start learning
take trouble - to help someone

discourage, upset

offer accommodation

put up with
start learning
tolerate, bear

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