Phrasal verbs (A-D) - English Vocabulary

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Question English
Answer English

make sense

inquire about

yield in an argument

bargain for
start learning
take into account

confirm the truth

break down
start learning
lose control of the emotions

stop talking

come to an end

bring about
start learning
cause to happen

succeed in doing something

cause the onset of an illness/cause trouble to happen to

bring round
start learning
influence someone to your point of view


mobilise for military service

complete successfully - perhaps despite a problem

complete a plan

become popular

come about
start learning

come down to
start learning
be in the end a matter of

come in for
start learning
receive - especially criticism, blame

take place successfully


occur - usually a problem - colloquial

come up against
start learning
meet a difficulty

come up to
start learning
equal - especially expectations, standard

come up with
start learning
think of - especially an answer, a plan, a solution

rely on

happen unexpectedly - colloquial

do away with
start learning
abolish - colloquial

decorate - colloquial

come to a stop/organize - especially a document

pay a visit - colloquial

fall asleep - colloquial

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