Phrasal verbs (E-H) - English Vocabulary

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finish in a certain way, or place

face up to
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have courage to deal with - especially responsibilities

fall about
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show amusement - especially laughing - colloquial

fall back on
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use as a last resort

be deceived by - colloquial/fall in love with - colloquial

fall out with
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quarrel with

fall through
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fail to come to completion

feel up to
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feel capable of doing

act upon a suggestion/take more action

get across
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be understood - especially get an idea across

imply - about personal matters - colloquial

make to feel depressed - colloquial

get down to
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begin to seriously deal with

get off with
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avoid punishment

get on for
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approach a certain age/time/number

make progress

be surprised

get over with
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come to the end of something, usually unpleasant

get round to=get around
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find time to do

do something - usually bad when about children - colloquial


send off a smell - liquid or gas

be exhausted

abandon, devote/stop-colloquial

surrender/believe to be dead or lost

go back on
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break a promise

make a habit of

became bad- food

happen - usually negative

be enough

go through with
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complete a promise or plan - usually unwillingly

become more liked - colloquial

keep - colloquial

have it in for
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be deliberately unkind to someone - also as have got

have it out with
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express feelings so as to settle a problem

have someone on
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deceive - colloquial

hit it off
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get on well with - colloquial

hit upon/on
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discover by chance - often an idea

offer - especially with hope

delay/use as an example - i.e. a model of good behaviour

agree with - an idea

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