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I'm trying to get to Llamaquique, does this train go there?
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Estoy tratando de llegar a Llamaquique, ¿este tren va allí?
Hello, my Spanish is not good, but if you speak slowly I might be able to understand it, forgive me if I make mistakes.
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Hola, mi español no es bueno, pero si hablas despacio podría ser capaz de entenderlo, también perdóname si cometo errores.
we need to throw the trash
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necesitamos tirar la basura
I took one of your eggs, you were sleeping so I didn't bother you
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tomé uno de tus huevos, estabas durmiendo así que no te molesté
I should have known
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Debería haberlo sabido
Glad to see you here
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Me alegro de verla aquí
whatever it was
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fuera lo que fuera
Thats not all
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Eso no es todo
How many times can I fill it out?
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Cuántas veces puedo rellenarlo?

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