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być odizolowanym od realnego świat
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be isolated from the real world
podkreślić interesujący punkt
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highlight an interesting point
zupełnie inna para kaloszy
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a whole different kettle of fish
dojść do słowa
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get a word in edgeways
być zdolny do zrobienia czegoś
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be capable of doing sth
na Sycylii
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on the island of Sicily
mówić z zapałem
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talk with fervour of
he talked with all the fervour of a new convert
wyciagać, wypromować
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syphon sth from sth
Amy siphoned gasoline from her car.
odgrodzić, zabraniać dostępu
o policji
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cordon off
Police have cordoned off the area. There was a police cordon around the building.
zdobyć, wyciągać coś z czegoś
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source sth from sth
The supermarket decided it wanted to source all its milk from one company. More and more of its merchandise will have to be sourced overseas.
w mgnieniu oka
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in the blink of an eye
potworne warunki pracy
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sweatshop conditions
China is a gigantic sweatshop of exploitation of workers. Children working in a sweatshop.
początkowe problemy
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teething problems
Teething problems with a new operations systemadversely affected the retailer's performance
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makabryczna historia
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gruesome history
osoba znająca się na tylko jednej rzeczy
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a one trick pony
sztampowy, szablonowy
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cookie cutter
cookie-cutter shopping malls. In the last month we've been moving away from the cookie cutter design.
jeśli zajdzie taka konieczność, kiedy przyjdzie co do czego
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when push comes to shove
when push came to shove, I always stood up for him
otrzymać swobodę do zrobienia czegoś
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be given some leeway
Local councils will be given some leeway as to how they implement the legislation.
jestem zajęty pracą
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be busy with my work
Współczuć komuś
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feel sorry for sb
czuwać na tym co się dzieje, co mówią ludzie
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have/keep your ear to the ground
A: "I'm not sure what's going to happen with this merger, so I'm keeping an ear to the ground." B: "Please let me know if you hear anything."
mieć jaja by coś zrobić
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have the balls to do sth
życie nie zawsze jest usłane różami
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life is not always a bed of roses
notatka, pismo
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I'd like you to forward us that deal memo.
odłożyć trochę pieniędzy
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put some money aside
być pewnym czegoś
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be sure about sth
przedstawić sprawę do rozważenia
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put sth on the table
być wrzucony na głęboką wodę
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be thrown in at the deep end
skok na głęboką wodę
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jump in at the deep end
stracić grunt pod nogami
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be out of one's depth
pat, impas
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a standoff between demonstrators and the police
poddać się modzie, zacząć robić to, co wszyscy
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jump on the bandwagon
on on on
scientists and doctors alike have jumped on the bandwagon
taksować wzrokiem
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Eye sth up
He eyed me up and asked me to fill in the form. He eyed his enemy up.
ludzie są jak stado owiec
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people are like a herd of sheep
trafić w sedno
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hit the nail on the head
Stephen hit the nail on the head when he said that what the company was lacking in was clear vision and focus.
nie ma takiej opcji, by...
coś zrobić
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there is no way in hell that
pochopna decyzja
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hasty decision
Don't do anything hasty or you'll regret it. His decision to move out was too hasty.
iluzja kontroli
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illusion of control
nie warte zainteresowania, uwagi
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nothing to write home about
Their performance was nothing to write home about. Is Tokyo anything to write home about
na obrzeżach miasta
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on the outskirts of the city
pokonać chorobę
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get over an illness
pogodzić się x 2
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get over the fact, come to terms
przeboleć swój rozwód
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get over his divorce
otrząsnąć się po śmierci kogoś
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get over the shock of sb's death
It took me a very long time to get over the shock of her death
podprowadzać, odprowadzać;
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siphon money off
być wysoko na naszej liście priorytetów
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be high on our list of priorities
wygrzać się / pławienie się w cudzej chwale
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bask/bathe in reflected glory
The government is bathing in the reflected glory of its victorious military forces.
ostatnia próba / ostatnia deska ratunku
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last-ditch attempt/effort
He resigned in a last-ditch attempt to save hisparty from electoral defeat.
znaleźć się w punkcie wyjścia
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Go back to square one
After our first attempt failed, we had to go back to square one.
W dniu wyborów
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On polling day
kierować się osobistymi pobudkami
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have an ax to grind
I don't have an ax to grind here—I just want to know the truth.

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