At work - La muncă

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I'll go out for lunch.
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Voi pleca să iau prânzul.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
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Mă scuzați de așteptare.
What time does the meeting start?
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La ce oră începe ședința?
I've finished my work for today.
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Mi-am terminat lucrul pe azi.
I'll be back in a minute.
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Mă întorc într-un minut.
Would you like a hand with that project?
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Ai nevoie de o mână de ajutor la proiectul acela?
la fel: Ai nevoie de ajutor la proiectul acela?
Could you please give me your opinion on this?
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Îmi poți spune opinia ta referitor la asta, te rog?
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