Romanian food - Mâncare românească

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Slănină afumată
Smoked bacon
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Smoked bacon made from fat and meat, flavoured with pepper, garlic, paprica and more.
Salată boeuf
Boeuf potato salad
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Similar to the Russian salad, consists of boiled vegetables and eggs, beef, pickles and peas with mayonnaise.
Pârjoale moldovenești
Moldovan croquettes
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Rissoles of fried meat with eggs, garlic, bread, onion and different herbs.
Gulaș de cartofi
Potato stew
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Potato stew with smoked meat.
Porumb copt
Baked corn
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Baked corn with melted butter.
Zacuscă de vinete
Eggplant paste
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A paste made of freshly baked vegetables, mainly eggplants, peppers and onions.
Ciorbă de fasole cu ciolan
Bean soup
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Bean soup with pieces of smoked meat.
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