By plane - Cu avionul

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I'm waiting in the arrivals hall.
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Aștept în sala de sosiri.
What experience did you have with these airlines?
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linii aeriene
Cum a fost experiența voastră cu aceste linii aeriene?
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lost baggage
Where can I report lost baggage?
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bagaj pierdut
Unde pot comunica pierderea bagajului?
direct flight
Is this a direct flight?
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zbor direct
Acesta e un zbor direct?
baggage check-in
How much does the baggage check-in take?
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înregistrarea bagajului
Cât durează înregistrarea bagajului?
security check
You can pass the security check only after registering.
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control de securitate
Puteți trece controlul de securitate doar după înregistrare.
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