By train - Cu trenul

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How can I get to the platforms?
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Cum pot ajunge la platforme?
This seat is very uncomfortable.
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Acest scaun e foarte incomod.
Does this train go to Chicago?
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Acest tren merge la Chicago?
Where can I see the timetable?
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mersul trenurilor
Unde pot vedea mersul trenurilor?
to leave
The train leaves Edinburgh at 11 a.m.
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a pleca
a părăsi
Trenul pleacă din Edinburgh la 11.
waiting area
You can have a seat at the waiting area.
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sala de așteptare
Puteți lua loc în sala de așteptare.
to arrive
The train arrives at 4 p.m.
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a ajunge
a sosi
Trenul ajunge la 16.
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