Places to visit in Belarus - Достопримечательности Беларуси

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Беловежская пуща
The Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park
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The Bialowieza Forest National Park is the oldest and largest forest in Europe, a UNESCO Heritage and a great place for a 3-day trip with your family. The Belarusian Santa also lives there, so don't forget to take your kids to him.
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The oldest city in the country founded in 862. It is home to four beautiful churches dedicated to Saint Sophia and the monastery of Saint Euphrosine. Polatsk is really a place where you can get to know Belarus history.
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Hrodna is a big historical center and one of the few cities that haven't been bombarded during the war. It is the Belarusian capital of Catholicism and the cultural capital of the country, full of churches, museums and great places to be seen.
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The Belarusian Maldives is a chalk quarry filled with water; due to its color, the water appears to be aquamarine and paradise-like. Its amazing landscape attracts lots of tourists who enjoy swimming.
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