Jeopolitik - Geopolitics

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politik olarak zor ve karmaşık durum
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tense situation
Tense situation can be observed in the Middle East region.
ikna etmek
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to persuade
During the peace talks he tried to persuade his counterpart.
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Propaganda shouldn't be seen as a part of country's soft power instruments.
bir ülkeyi istikrarsızlaştırma
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to destabilize
NATO fears that Ukraine may be destabilized even more.
diğer ülkeler üzerinde baskınlık kurma kapasitesi
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China is on the best way to achieve economic superiority over the world.
bölünme/ayrılık yanlısı politik hareket
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Chinese authorities fear Uighur separatism.
En zengin ülkelerin yaptığı toplantı
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Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, United States
Russia was expelled from G8 so the meetings are now being called G7.
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