Diplomasi - Diplomacy

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büyükelçiyi bir ülkeden çekmek, geri çağırmak
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to recall an ambassador
Israel will recall its ambassador immediately.
nezaket ziyareti
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courtesy call
also: sign of politeness
He paid a courtesy call to Foreign Minister just after his arrival to the country.
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also: one of the diplomatic ranks
States send their envoys for ages.
dış politikadan sorumlu hükümet kurumu
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ministry of foreign affairs
abbreviated: MFA
MFA strongly condemns any act of terror.
resmi tören
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may also refer to a religious event
The whole staff participated in the grand opening ceremony.
Katolik kilisesinin uluslararası tüzel kişiliği
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Holy See
Holy See looks forward to further cooperation.
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His Excellency ambassador John Smith has arrived!
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