At the hospital. - En el hospital

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My legs hurt when I walk.
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Me duelen las piernas cuando camino.
What are my options for treatment?
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¿Cuáles son mis opciones de tratamiento?
Am I going to need a surgery?
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¿Voy a necesitar una cirugía?
The doctor said I needed a transplant.
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El doctor/ la doctora dijo que necesito un transplante.
The doctor said I'm healthy.
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El doctor dijo que estoy saludable.
about a woman: la doctora
I have the flu and I'm aphonous.
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Tengo gripe y estoy afónico.
a woman would say: afónica; también: ronco/a, mudo/a
I haven't been feeling well, I'll go to the hospital.
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I haven't been feeling well, I'll go to  in English
No me he estado sintiendo bien, iré al hospital.
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