500 most important Norwegian verbs 51 - 75

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I must take my medication every day.
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å måtte; må
Jeg må ta medisin hver dag.
to care
He doesn't care about my feelings.
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å bry seg; bryr seg
Han bryr seg ikke om mine følelser.
to get used to
I can't get used to this.
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å bli vant til; blir vant til
Jeg kan ikke bli vant til det.
to live
in a city etc., to have home
I live in the capital.
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å bo; bor
Jeg bor i hovedstaden.
to move
e.g. to another city; to change residence
We moved to London two years ago.
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å flytte; flytter
Vi flyttet til London for to år siden.
to live
to exist
Europeans live 80 years on average.
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å leve; lever
Europeere lever gjennomsnittlig 80 år.
to show
Can you show me your photos?
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å vise; viser
Kan du vise meg bildene dine?
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