500 most important Norwegian verbs 326 - 350

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to rescue
This man rescued my cat.
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å redde; redder
Denne mannen reddet katten min.
to rent
We rent an apartment in Oslo.
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å leie; leier
We leier en leilighet i Oslo.
to produce
This factory produces tons of chocolate every day.
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å produsere; produserer
Denne fabrikken produserer tonn av sjokolade hver dag.
to require
I require that you register.
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å kreve; krever
Jeg krever at du registrerer deg.
to betray
You betrayed me!
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å forråde; forråder
Du forrådte meg!
to freeze
Water freezes at 0 degrees Celsius.
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å fryse; fryser
Vann fryser til is ved 0 grader.
to take a shower
I think you really should take a shower.
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å dusje; dusjer
også: å ta en dusj, tar en dusj
Jeg synes at du virkelig skal dusje.
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