500 most important Norwegian verbs 376 - 400

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to reward
He was rewarded for his hard work.
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å belønne; belønner
Han ble belønnet for sitt hardt arbeid.
to argue
Don't argue with me!
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å krangle; krangler
Krangl ikke med meg!
to chat
also: to talk
I was chatting with my colleagues.
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å prate; prater
Jeg har pratet med vennene mine.
to interrupt
He is always interrupting me!
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å avbryte; avbryter
Han avbryter meg alltid!
to graduate
Anne graduated four days ago.
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å graduere; graduerer
Anne graduerte fra universitetet for fire dager siden.
to compare
Nothing can compare to this.
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å sammenligne; sammenligner
Ingenting kan sammenlignes med det.
to achieve
Together we can achieve more.
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å oppnå; oppnår
Sammen kan vi oppnå mer.
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