500 most important Norwegian verbs 151 - 175

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to sign
Everybody needs to sign the list.
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å underskrive; underskriver
Alle må underskrive denne lista.
to dance
Have you ever danced salsa?
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å danse; danser
Har du noen gang danset salsa?
to fall
I fell and I broke my leg.
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å falle; faller
Jeg har falt og brukket beinet.
to win
Thomas won the lottery.
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å vinne; vinner
Thomas vant i lotteriet.
to be able to
I'm not able to do this.
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å være i stand; er i stand
Jeg er ikke i stand til å gjøre det.
to mark
I'm marking the correct answers.
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å markere; markerer
Jeg markerer de korrekte svarene.
to hurry
Hurry up!
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å skynde seg; skynder seg
Skynd deg!
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