25th April

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he looks like he is poor
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wygląda na biednego
i feel so downhearted, no optism for the future.
if it was a terrible day and nothing goes right
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nobody likes them or trust them or gives them a job, a failure feeling
you can be down and out when you have a terrible downfall
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downpour- heavy rain
you get completely wet
we were stuck in the downpour
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ulewa - ulewny deszcz
i heard about this for the first time
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usłyszałem o tym po raz pierwszy
down with
remove, reject, oppose, anti
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Niżej z
I’m feeling down
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Czuje się przygnębiony
she is down with a cold
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jest zimna
He’s down on his luck
he has a bad luck
he’s unlucky
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Jest na szczęście
slow down
opposite of speed up
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Four down, two to go
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Cztery w dół, dwa w lewo
please turn the music down
please reduce the volume
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proszę wyłączyć muzykę
decrease the volume/ reduce the volume
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zmniejsz głośność / zmniejsz głośność

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