TOEFL - Phrasal verbs 1 - 25

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E' esploso con i suoi sentimenti.
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blow up
He blew up with his feelings.
far uscire
Hanno fatto uscire un prodotto rivoluzionario.
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bring out
They brought out a revolutionary product.
parlare di
Durante la cena si è parlato del tema del nostro divorzio.
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bring up
The subject of our divorce was brought out during the dinner.
E' facile cedere e lasciar vincere gli altri.
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back down
It's easy to back down and let others win.
avere pazienza
Non c'è niente che tu possa cambiare; solamente abbi pazienza.
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bear with
There's nothing you can change about it; just bear with it.
Il comitato sosteneva la nostra iniziativa.
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back up
The Committee backed up our initiative.
Ho sopportato anni di violenza e dolore.
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bear up
I bore up years of violence and pain.
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