the Animal kingdom

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e. g. mouse, rat
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e. g. snake, lizard
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Animal that eats a diet that is mainly or exclusively meat
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Animal that eats a diet that is mainly or exclusively grass/vegetation
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Animals that hunts other animals
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Animal that feeds on dead animals which it has not killed itself
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behaves very gently
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Our old cat is a very docile creature.
not afraid of humans
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Pigeons are so tame.
the selling of animal furs for coats, jackets, etc.
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the fur trade
Some people refuse to wear clothing made of natural animal fur, since they are opposed to the fur trade.
the buying and selling of ivory from elephants' tusks
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the ivory trade
Poachers kill hundreds of elephant every year to supply the ivory trade.
people who actively campaign for the protection and rights of animal
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Animal rights activists

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