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đương đầu, đối mặt
/kənˈfrənt/ (v)
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(v) Confront - encounter - face with - meet
"Usually the best thing you can do in an embarrassing situation is to confront it and head on"
Gợi cảm, khiêu gợi, cảm thấy mềm mại thoải mái
/vəˈlʌp.tʃu.əs/ (a)
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(a) Voluptuos - luscious - sexy - sensual
I sank into the bed's voluptuous warmth.
Lên đến, lên tới, dồn lại, chồng chất lên
/əˈmount/ (v)
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Amount to
(v) amount - aggregate - cumulate
"But how could he, a man in his 20s with no special talents or background, afford to pay the medical bills that amounted to several million won a month" 🔥vol 1 - chapter 1
Cựu chiến binh, cựu binh, người từng trải
/ˈvet.ər.ən/ (n)
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(n) Veteran - old timer - old hand
- someone who has been in the armed forces during a war. - a person who has had a lot of experience of a particular activity
chiếu sáng, soi sáng
/ɪˈluː.mə.neɪt/ (v)
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(v) illuminate - illume - light up - irradiate - brighten - lighten - shine
"The light from the phone brightly illuminated their path." -🔥 vol 1 - chapter 2
Quân tiên phong, người đi tiên phong
/ˈvæn.ɡɑːrd/ (n)
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(n) vanguard - forefront - trailblazer - van
Suddenly, a commotion rose from the vanguard of the party. “The boss room!” 🔥Vol 1 - chapter 2
Bộ phận đi đằng sau - hậu phương - phía sau, đằng sau
/rɪr/ (n)
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(n) Rear - back - stern - [posterior]
"At the rear of the party walked Jinwoo, who was injured, and Juhee, who had no fighting skills." - 🔥Vol 1 - chapter 2

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