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Vietnamese: day 2
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Numbers - Các con sốNumbers - Các con số  
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And, or, but, so - Và, hoặc, nhưng, vậyAnd, or, but, so - Và, hoặc, nhưng, vậy  
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Space - Không gianSpace - Không gian  
32 flashcards
Useful nouns - Các danh từ hữu íchUseful nouns - Các danh từ hữu ích  
36 flashcards
Useful phrases - Các cụm động từ hữu íchUseful phrases - Các cụm động từ hữu ích  
20 flashcards
Features - Đặc trưngFeatures - Đặc trưng  
30 flashcards
Time - Thời gianTime - Thời gian  
26 flashcards
A typical conversation from a student's book;) - Một cuộc trò chuyện điển hình từ cuốn sách của học sinh;)A typical conversation from a student's book;) - Một cuộc trò chuyện đ...  
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Fun facts about Vietnamese

Once you have learned Vietnamese, you could perceive the deep meanings of Vietnamese culture. Sometimes when you heard someone said something to you, it does not only mean something in the literal sense but also has a figurative meaning. It could be a lesson for you when you live in this hustle and bustle life. I will call this "A Vietnamese profound and subtle". Here are some examples of figurative sayings:

  • Trong chữ NHẸ lại có dấu NẶNG
  • Trong chữ VỮNG lại có dấu NGÃ
  • Trong chữ HIỂU lại có dấu HỎI
  • Chữ NGẮN lại dài hơn chữ DÀI
  • Trước khi đọc được chữ KHÔN, ta phải đánh vần qua KHỜ (kh)
  • You will find LIGHT, in the WEIGHT (lightweight)
  • Want to FIRM your feet, you must need to FALL
  • No one UNDERSTAND, except QUESTIONS end
  • Ridiculously, LONG is shorter than SHORT
  • To STU-DY a bit, you have to spell STU-PID

Why do we need to learn Vietnamese vocabulary every day?

Vietnam is becoming one of the most touristic attractions, getting used to Vietnamese is a key to travel in Vietnam! Fluency in Vietnamese not only helps you enjoy exploring many gorgeous tourism places in Vietnam but also opens up unlimited learning and working opportunities in Vietnam for yourself! One of the important components of learning Vietnamese is learning Vietnamese vocabulary every day! It is a significant contribution to enriching your vocabulary quickly and sustainably. It will also improve your accent if you will be learning Vietnamese every day. By spending a small amount of time, you can learn Vietnamese vocabulary everyday and incorporate the application of new vocabulary into real-world contexts. The use of diverse and rich vocabulary is also a way to understand Vietnamese culture better, so we certainly have many reasons to learn Vietnamese vocabulary everyday! As we already know, Vietnamese has 6 tones that change the meaning of words. For instance:

  • keo = glue (n), mean (adj)
  • kèo = name of a Vietnamese fish (n)
  • kéo = scissor (n), pull (v), drag (v)
  • kẻo = or else
  • kẹo = candy
  • kẽo kẹt= creaking sound (kẽo does not stand-alone)

How to learn Vietnamese everyday?

You are looking for a Vietnamese translator that will always be by your side? You are curious which is the best way to learn Vietnamese on app? If you need "someone" that can translate English to Vietnamese for you, then congratulations! You have found us! Learn with VocApp, apply the knowledge in 1000 ways!!!

There are many personal pronouns when you go to Vietnam, so it is easy to confuse for some Vietnamese learners with the massive vocabulary they have to learn. Therefore, Vocapp lessons will gather the most popular personal pronouns with intuitive and vivid examples. Moreover, you have enough time and space in learning Vietnamese with us! Just spend a few minutes a day, you absolutely can master Vietnamese: day 2 and apply it in Vietnamese common conversations.

Vietnamese: day 2 will help you to learn Vietnamese numbers, getting along with very basic transliterations and hints. Together with VocApp, Vietnamese will be no longer difficult! The way to apply these basic greetings in Vietnamese will also be specifically instructed in each flashcard for you, so simple and convenient! In addition, you can learn Vietnamese in 1 day parallel with the courses Vietnamese in 1 day and Vietnamese for travelling.