Extremely simplified grammar - Ngữ pháp đơn giản

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Thứ tự từ trong câu
Word order
1. Sao nó bảo không đến? / 2. Sao bảo nó không đến? / 3. Sao không đến bảo nó? / 4. Sao nó không bảo đến?
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Changing the word order can create a lot of sentences with different meanings.
1. Why he said he didn't come? / 2. Why don't you ask him to come? / 3. Why don't tell him? / 4. Why he didn't say that he will come?
Không chia giống
No gender
Con mèo nằm trên cái ghế.
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Vietnamese has no grammatical gender. Mostly, there is "cái" before an inanimate thing and "con" before an animate one.
The cat is lying on the chair.
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