Seasons and weather in Romanian

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Winter is the season of holidays.
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Iarna e anotimpul sărbătorilor.
Birds are coming back in spring.
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Păsările se întorc primăvara.
There are a lot of kids on the playgrounds in summer.
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Sunt o mulțime de copii la terenurile de joacă vara.
The leaves fall in autumn.
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Frunzele cad toamna.
It is snowing.
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It is cold.
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E frig.
It is windy.
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E vânt.
It is raining.
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It is hot.
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E cald.
It is sunny.
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E însorit.

Reasons to learn Romanian

Do you want to add some mystery to the way you talk? Do you plan to travel to Romania and need to know the basics of Romanian language to express yourself freely when talking to natives? Do you speak a Romance language and want to learn one more? If the answers were yes, you should definitely learn Romanian! It is a language with a history of more than 1700 years, with more than 75% of similarities with Latin! Today, it is a mix of old Romanian with Slavic, German, Hungarian, Austrian, Turkish and Greek words! Let's start learning basic Romanian together with this lesson of season flashcards! These season flashcards will be extremely useful. Continue reading and find out why!

VocApp's Romanian lessons

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Learn the weather and seasons in Romanian!

In this particular Romanian lesson, you will get introduced to a Romanian word list of season flashcards that represent the vocabulary basics of this language. Thanks to our audio lessons, you will learn the correct Romanian pronunciation of the season flashcards and repeat it until it's perfect! The season flashcards of this lesson about weather and seasons will teach you how to say "spring", "summer", "autumn" and "winter" in Romanian and to talk about the weather in Romanian. These season flashcards will be extremely useful for daily conversations with the natives. Also, these season flashcards will be a great base for your Romanian vocabulary. You will learn these season flashcards next time you visit Romania. Here are some examples of seasons flashcards we used in this lesson:
  • 1. iarna = winter
  • 2. toamna = autumn
  • 3. E frig. = It is cold.
  • 4. E cald. = It is hot.
  • 5. Ninge. = It is snowing.
To learn more season flashcards - proceed to our lesson! VocApp and its resources make your goal to speak Romanian easy to achieve!

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