Basic Romanian Phrases

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Good morning.
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Bună dimineața.

Good afternoon.
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Bună ziua.

Good evening.
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Bună seara.

Good night.
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Noapte bună.

What is your name?
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Cum vă numiți?

My name is...
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Mă numesc...

Pleased to meet you.
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Încântată de cunoștință.

How are you?
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Cum ești?
also: Ce mai faci?

Good, thank you.
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Bine, mulțumesc.

Excuse me.
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informal: Scuză-mă.

Vă rog.
informal: Te rog.

I understand.
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I don't understand.
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Nu înțeleg.

Could you repeat that?
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Puteți repeta?
informal: Poți repeta?

I don't speak Romanian.
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Nu vorbesc româna.


I don't know.
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Nu știu.

Have a nice day!
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O zi frumoasă!

La revedere.
informal: Pa!

Learn new laguages!

Learning the basics of a language is important, whether you do it for your curiosity or you want to travel to a country. These Romanian flashcards will help you express yourself in usual situations and show politeness. It includes the main Romanian phrases that you will need when interacting with native speakers, like how to say hello in Romanian and much more.

Why Romanian?

This language is spoken by over 25 million people worldwide and has a lot of similarities with other important European languages, as French or Spanish. Studying it will help you understand the Romanian culture and traditions, which are vast and beautiful.

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