Basic Romanian Phrases

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Good morning.
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Bună dimineața.
Good afternoon.
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Bună ziua.
Good evening.
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Bună seara.
Good night.
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Noapte bună.
What is your name?
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Cum vă numiți?
My name is...
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Mă numesc...
Pleased to meet you.
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Încântată de cunoștință.
How are you?
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Cum ești?
also: Ce mai faci?
Good, thank you.
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Bine, mulțumesc.
Excuse me.
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informal: Scuză-mă.
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Vă rog.
informal: Te rog.
I understand.
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I don't understand.
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Nu înțeleg.
Could you repeat that?
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Puteți repeta?
informal: Poți repeta?
I don't speak Romanian.
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Nu vorbesc româna.
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I don't know.
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Nu știu.
Have a nice day!
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O zi frumoasă!
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La revedere.
informal: Pa!

Some reasons to learn Romanian

Here is a list of important reasons why we think you should definitely learn some Romanian phrases:
  • 1. Romanian is a Romance language spoken by around 25 million people, mainly in Moldova and Romania and by over 4 million as a second language. Imagine how many new friends can you make!
  • 2. If you plan to travel to Romania, knowing Romanian phrases will help you start a conversation with a local!
  • 3. Speaking Romanian gives you the opportunity to explore the Romanian culture and learn much more about it!
  • 4. Learning Romanian is a great brain exercise. Remembering Romanian phrases will make you smarter and healthier!
  • 5. You will understand what is the famous "Dragostea din Tei" song about!

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Our Romanian lessons are perfect for those who want to learn basic Romanian! They include useful Romanian phrases chosen by our professional linguists and native speakers so you learn the most important words easily! In this lesson, you will discover the basic Romanian phrases and words, including Romanian greetings like bună ziua, how to say goodbye in Romanian, thank you in Romanian and many more. The Romanian word list also includes mulțumesc and scuză with an English translation. Our flashcards are the best way to learn the Romanian pronunciation of the useful Romanian phrases!

Interested in learning Romanian more in-depth?

Our Romanian lessons are a great way to learn basic Romanian but if you are interested in more, we advise to proceed to our Romanian courses! For example, the Romanian for travelling course will teach you all the basic Romanian phrases you will need during your next trip to Romania! The flashcard method that VocApp proposes assures you will learn the Romanian phrases and the Romanian pronunciation easily and remember them forever! The English-Romanian translation will make sure you understand the Romanian phrases and their usage. VocApp believes in your great results and is sure you will speak Romanian as a native in the closest time!

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