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Learning the basics of a language is important, whether you do it for your curiosity or you want to travel to a country. This Romanian lesson will help you to be able to express yourself in usual situations and show politeness. For more Romanian lessons and fun Romanian courses, visit VocApp site and download the app!

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This Romanian lesson was created for those who want to show their love to the dearest ones using the Romanian love phrases and words. Learn how to say and pronounce "my love" or "I love you" in Romanian. There are many other free Romanian lessons we prepared for you, so don't forget to visit our site and enjoy the fun and easy learning!

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Learn funny Romanian sayings to impress your friends and colleagues! Use our free flashcard lesson to master the common Romanian phrases that you may hear when you travel to Romania. Learn more basic Romanian vocabulary with our lessons and professional Romanian courses. Visit the VocApp site and download our app for more!

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