Romanian food you need to try

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Slănină afumată
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Smoked bacon made from big fat and meat, flavoured with pepper, garlic, paprica and more.
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Cabbage rolls filled with a mix of rice, meat and vegetables and served with sour cream.
Plăcintă cu brânză dulce
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Fried dough with sweet cottage cheese, powdered with sugar.
Ciorbă rădăuțeană
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Soup with poultry meat and a lot of vegetables.
Salată boeuf
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Similar to the Russian salad, consists of boiled vegetables and eggs, beef, pickles and peas with mayonnaise.
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Boiled corn flour with salty cheese and sour cream.
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Traditional sweetbread with raisins, nuts and sometimes marmelade.
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Fried pieces of bacon served with onions.
Porumb copt
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Baked corn with melted butter.
Cârnați afumați
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Smoked sausages flavoured with garlic, cumin, paprika and more.
Dovleac copt
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Traditional baked pumpkin with sugar, that we all remember since childhood.
Gulaș de cartofi
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Potato stew with smoked meat and flour noodles.
Ciorbă de fasole cu ciolan
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Bean soup with pieces of smoked meat.
Pârjoale moldovenești
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Rissoles of fried meat with eggs, garlic, bread, onion and different herbs added.
Zacuscă de vinete
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A paste made of freshly baked vegetables, mainly eggplants, peppers and onions.
Ciorbă de burtă
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Sour soup with calf stomach, carrots, celery roots, cabbage and beef hocks.
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Crepes with jam, chocolate, sour cream, cherries and everything you prefer.
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Grilled beef and pork sausages with a lot of flavour.

Why should Romania be a popular travel and food destination?

It is the most bio-geographically diverse country in the world and a cultural treasure! Here, you will find a great variety of landforms where you could spend an active vacation. It is a country that says a lot about the key episodes of Europe's history and its language is spoken by over 26 million people worldwide. The Romanian culture and traditions are unique and special. Any travel enthusiast needs to discover them and any food lover will adore this country. The popular Romanian food you can find while traveling is a delight and a new experience if you are passionate about discovering foreign cuisines. Learn about the Romanian cuisine with VocApp and try it yourself!

About the Romanian food

Romania is a mouth-watering gastronomic journey, with its delicious traditional Romanian food and, of course, the organic fruits and vegetables, home-made cheese, herbs and local sweets. The Romanian cuisine is a blend of traditions of different nations and their cooking techniques, influenced by the German, Austrian, Greek and Slavic cuisines. Popular Romanian food includes a wide range of sour soups and a lot of meat and vegetable dishes. The people are proud of their unique Romanian food recipes, including mici, drob de miel, fasole, sarmale (the little cabbage rolls stuffed with meat and rice) and of course mamaliga - the Romanian polenta. All of these are served with salty cheese or sour cream. The main Romanian dessert and a must-try that represents the country is cozonac, a sweet leavened bread with different fillings: walnuts, raisins, poppy seeds or gem that fits a Romanian breakfast to enjoy. Enjoy our lesson and discover the traditional Romanian food that you will definitely want to try next time you visit Romania!

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