Religions and ethics - La religione e l'etica

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il seminario
The believer was praying.
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il credente
Il credente stava pregando.
The sacrament of confession is very downward even by many practitioners.
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la confessione
Il sacramento della confessione è molto in calo anche per molti praticanti.
I've got faith in you.
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la fede
Ho fede in te.
parish priest
We talked to the parish priest before we left the sacristy.
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il parroco
Abbiamo parlato con il parroco prima di uscire dalla sagrestia.
Muhammad was an Arab.
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Maometto era arabo.
The Prophet Muhammad is mentioned several times in the Koran.
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il Corano
Il profeta Maometto è citato più volte nel Corano.
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