Health - La salute

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I have a stomachache, but I don't have diarrhea.
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la diarrea
Ho mal di stomaco, ma non ho la diarrea.
The doctor recommended this ointment to cure the infection.
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Il dottore mi ha consigliato questa pomata per curare l'infezione.
Sore throat, fever and vomiting, but at least he doesn't have the flu.
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il vomito
Mal di gola, febbre e vomito ma almeno non ha l'influenza.
to vomit
You're making me sick!
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Mi stai facendo vomitare!
doctor's office
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lo studio medico
to catch a cold
Luca went out short-sleeved and got cold.
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Luca è uscito a maniche corte e si è raffreddato.
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mal d'orecchi
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