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A bite to eat
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A meal, often a small or quick one

Give up completely

Sudden and unexpected, and often unpleasant

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Forgetful or inattentive disposition

Existing as an idea but not physically

Extremely offensive and insulting

Means or oportunity to approach or enter a place

Claim that someone has done something wrong

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A thing done succesfully with effort, skill or courage

Having an ache in a part of one's body

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Recognition of the existence, importance or quality of something

Buy or obtain for oneself

Someone who believes strongly in political or social change and takes part in activities

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Process of changing to fit a different situation

Addicted to
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Physically and mentally depend on a particular substance

Addictive (adj)
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Characterized by, relating to, or produced by addition

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Added, extra or supplementary to what is alredy present

Regard with respect or warm approval or look up to somebody

A statement acknowledging the truth of something or being allowed to enter a place

In that relationship by adoption

Hormone secreted by the adrenal glands

The part of someone's life when they are an adult

A metal rod or wire structure that receives or sends out radio or television signals

Used to describe a person or thing that is getting or appears old

A long, narrow space between rows of seats in an aircraft, cinema, or church

Causing worry or fear

From a different country, race, group or planet

Similar to each other

To state that something bad is a fact without giving proof

Narrow road or path between buildings

Next to, or together with

In a voice loud enough to be heard

To happen or exist one after the other repeatedly

Taking part in an activity for pleasure, not as a job, without receiving money

Having a strong wish to be successful, powerful, or rich

Suffering from anaemia or without any energy and effort

The act of analysing something

A person related to you who lived a long time ago

Of or from a long time ago, having lasted for a very long time

Spiritual being believed to be a messenger of God, represented has a human with wings

Joint between the foot and the leg

To make something known or show that something is going to happen

Happening once every year

start learning
Someone who scientifically studies humans and their customs, beliefs, and relationships

start learning
To imagine or expect that something will happen

start learning
Harmful to society and often avoiding spending time with other people

Separated by a distance or by time

An animal like a large monkey with no tail

Set of equipment or tools or a machine that is used for a particular purpose

Seeming to exist or be true

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