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obrońca in English:

1. defender defender

As a defender of civil rights, I am bound to be opposed to this decision

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2. defence lawyer

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3. defence counsel

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4. counsel for the defence

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5. barrister

His barrister entered no plea to a drink-driving allegation.
A barrister has to study law to represent the client in court.
he worked as a barrister and judge.
Lord Regent's crooked barrister

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6. advocate

He got tired of being the devil's advocate and now agrees with every idea they suggest, no matter how dumb.
The Minister advocated a reform of the tax system.
Hayrat is representing the company but his father has come along with him as his advocate.Cf. barrister) I won't be meeting my advocate again until just before the trial. He was an advocate of equal rights for women.
My brother is an advocate of animals - he doesn't eat meat.
You should advocate disarmament.
He has often publicly advocated a life ban for those athletes who test positive.
I’m an advocate of local produce.
He advocates the return of capital punishment.
"They advocated an ethical foreign policy "
The president himself jogs every morning, plays tennis and golf, and is a leading advocate of fitness.
anti-tabacoo advocates
We advocate a healthy balance between security and personal freedom.
She advocates taking a more ​long-term ​view.
While the senator privately approved of gay marriage, he was unwilling to advocate for the cause in a public venue.
More and more environmentalists advocate and use environmentally friendly unleaded petrol in cars.

7. counsel

You should have listened to your mother's counsel. The lawyer counselled me when I was accused of tax fraud.
The teacher counsels patience and says the son will soon come back.
My lawyer counselled me not to sign the agreement.
He has always been able to count on her wise counsel.
Listen to the counsel of your elders.
I have need of good counsel, and you never gave me less.
I need counsel on tax matters.
appreciate his counsel
She is overweight and yet counsels diets
Recently numerous groups have offered counsel.
He makes himself accessible to all who seek his counsel.
Take counsel with a man who is wise and of a good conscience.
Night brings counsel.

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