Latin: day 2

Latin: day 2
Now you can get into the lovely word of Latin grammar!

Learn how to write numbers the same way Romans used to
Get familiar with Latin everyday vocabulary
Is Latin syntax so far from the language you use? Maybe not!
Carpe diem!
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Numbers - NumeriNumbers - Numeri  
60 flashcards
And, or, but, so - Et, aut, sed, ergoAnd, or, but, so - Et, aut, sed, ergo  
23 flashcards
Space - SpatiumSpace - Spatium  
32 flashcards
Useful nouns - Utilia nominaUseful nouns - Utilia nomina  
35 flashcards
Useful phrases - Utiles locutionesUseful phrases - Utiles locutiones  
20 flashcards
Features - NotaeFeatures - Notae  
30 flashcards
Time - TempusTime - Tempus  
27 flashcards
A typical conversation from a student's book;) - Typica confabulatio ab codice discipuli;)A typical conversation from a student's book;) - Typica confabulatio a...  
15 flashcards
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How to learn Latin?

With the help of this Latin: Day 2 course, you will have access to the most used words in Latin. It takes discipline to learn Latin alone. With VocApp you can manage your time and learn Latin at your own pace. With the help of flashcards it will be easier to memorize and learn Latin. This course is an excellent tool for learning Latin in a fun way. You start by learning basic Latin words and with our system of memorization, the motivation increases, not lacking reasons to learn Latin. You will have access to varied Latin vocabulary and you can learn Latin phrases, Latin words.

Why is it important to learn Latin?

Did you think of Latin as a useless language? Latinwas the official languages of almost whole Europe and Northen Africa! Even though Latin is not spoken anymore, it is still so important for both our cultures and languages, no matter where you are from! Latin language is the basis of almost everything! You will discover how many terms you use on a daily basis are actually from Latin, without even knowing it! Still, there are a lot of Latin terms which we still use nowadays, such as Curriculum Vitae and ultimatum. Moreover, it will help you out by improving both logical and linguistic skills!

If you are looking for a course where you could start your adventure with Latin from zero, take a look at our free course Latin in 1 day