Legal French

Legal French
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Termes générauxTermes généraux  
51 flashcards
Ordre judiciaireOrdre judiciaire  
52 flashcards
Procédure juridiqueProcédure juridique  
52 flashcards
Délits et infractionsDélits et infractions  
51 flashcards
Droit civilDroit civil  
51 flashcards
Droit civil - contrats et obligationsDroit civil - contrats et obligations  
53 flashcards
Droit pénalDroit pénal  
57 flashcards
Procédure pénaleProcédure pénale  
48 flashcards
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Legal French

Did you know that the basics of French legal system date all the way back to the beginning of 19th century and was laid by Napoleon with the creation of the French Empire ? Be able to understand French Civil Law by examining this course on legal terms in French with over 700 flashcards on French law expressions. With VocApp it is easier to learn law terms in French with definitions and examples of use of law terms in French included in this course. Master French law expressions together with VocApp! If you want to learn more French, explore our courses French: International politics, Business French or learn more English phrases and expressions with Business English (version française)

French for law

We might not explain you how the whole French legal system works, but we want to make sure you understand all the legal terms in French and are able to use them if you ever need to do so! Discover over 500 flashcards covering civil, administrative, commercial law and much more. Law terms in French are now so much easier to learn and understand because we included meanings of each legal saying in French, as well as examplary sentences for all law terms in French to ensure you use them correctly. We tried to create a course that would serve as an online French legal dictionay that you can access anywhere anytime. Study legal in French and become proficient in French law terms if you are just traveling to France or willing to get a law degree anywhere in France. Know your rights with this course on law terms in French !