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I started using VocApp 2932 days ago. I have 299 study days, and my study streak is 1 days. I am the author of 23 lessons. The date of my last visit is 2019-02-19 10:14:46.

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Lekcja 1
Słówka różne
Lekcja 3.4 Without a job
Business Analysis Vocabulary
3.5 Retirement
5.1 The pros and cons of technology
Czasowniki nieregularne
5.3 The age of Internet
5.2 Genetic engineering
1.1. The family in the past and preset
1.2 Parents and children
1.4. Divorce
1.5 Adoption
1.6 Violence in the family
1.7. Charities and societies in Britain
1.8 The cost of fame
Różne nk
Acronyms HW Architecture
UMTS abbreviations
Zwroty dyskusja
Set 1
Calls and emails
Business idioms

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