Basic Ukrainian for tourists 1

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Good morning!
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Доброго ранку!

Good afternoon!
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Доброго дня!

Good evening!
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Доброго вечора!

How are you?
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Як справи?

А в тебе?

I’m fine, thanks!
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Добре, дякую!

Не дуже

My name is...
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Мене звати...

What is your name?
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Як тебе/вас звати?

Nice to meet you!
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Приємно познайомитись!
Рада (fem.)

I’m from...
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Я з...

Мені 25 років.




About the lesson

This lesson was made especially for those who plan on visiting Ukraine or are interested in its language! It will teach you how to say basic ukrainian phrases so you could impress native speakers and be ready to express yourself in any situation.

Why should you visit Ukraine?

This country is waiting for you to discover it! The Carpathians , the beautiful cities and the Black Sea are there to welcome you with their unique atmosphere! Of course, we can't forget about the tasty Ukrainian food and home-made vodka :)

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