April 04 2019: work, salary

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salary may be weekly, monthly or annual
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money you are paid for your work
In the US people usually talk about annual salaries. "I make $57,000 a year."
Unfortunately you are redundant so we need to let you go.
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no longer needed
When you are redundant the company will fire you because they don't need you.
I have to stay longer at work today. I will get extra money for the overtime.
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working after regular hours
You should be paid if you work overtime.
part-time job
I have a part-time job working as a bartender.
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when you work only few days a week
bartender, waiter, babysitter, etc.
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a temporary job
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money paid to people over 65 years old
to retire
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when you stop working because of your age
hourly wage
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how much you are paid per hour
My mother is self-employed.
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you're your own boss
She runs a restaurant which is a family business.
a promotion
I got a promotion at work. My new title is regional sales manager.
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getting a higher position at work
The promotion comes with more responsibility and bigger salary.
to be sacked
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to be fired

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