angielski dla zaawansowanych (książka)

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Proszę nie wstawać, dopóki samolot nie przestanie kołować
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Please, don't stand up until the plane stops taxiing
linia lotnicza
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an airline
zgodny, spójny, konsekwentny
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Consistent means always acting or behaving in the same way: "He's a consistent supporter of this museum"."Data from recent experiments show consistent (always the same) results"."Customers expect the quality of our services will be consistent (the same)"
oszołomiony, skonsternowany
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Bewildered means completely confused. An alter term is "baffled":"I was baffled (bewildered) by his behaviour"."I was buffled/bewildered by many of the scientific terms used in the article"
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hippo / hippopotamus
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odwiert, otwór wiertniczy
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Fracking is a method used for getting oil and gas from underground rocks by injecting liquid into the rocks so that they break apart
szczelinowanie hydrauliczne
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hydraulic fracturing
chwalić się
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to swagger
To swagger means to walk or behave in a very confident way "He swaggered into the shop like it was his own, like he owned the place". A swagger is a way of walking or behaving that shows you have a lot of self-confidence
zabrać się do robienia czegoś
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get round to doing something
"Thank you for your suggestions. I'll get round to using them soon". "I'll get round to doing my homework in the evening".
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tasować karty
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to shuffle cards
To shuffle cards means to mix them before playing a game so that no one knows what order they are in: He shuffled the cards. Whose turn is it to shuffle and deal?
pominięty w natłoku np. obowiązków (USA)
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lost in the shuffle (US)
Lost in the shuffle means not noticed or given attention because there are many other people or things to consider or deal with: With six older kids, the baby sometimes gets lost in the shuffle
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Dome - a large rounded roof or ceiling that is shaped like half of a ball: This is the dome of the capitol building. Dome is also a structure that looks like the dome of a building, such as a dome of ice, or a stadium that is covered by a roof
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to put sb off sth
przepiękny, wspaniały
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exquisite - excellent, wonderful, finely done or made, very beautiful or delicate
Exquisite - finely done or made: That move was executed with exquisite precision; very beautiful or delicate: These flowers are exquisite. Her singing voice is truly exquisite; extreme or intense: He chose his words with exquisite care
wykwintne jedzenie
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exquisite food
Food is exquisite when it is extremely delicious and carefully made
silne uczucie
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exquisite feeling
An exquisite feeling is usually one that is strongly felt. There can be an exquisite pain or exquisite pleasure
bardzo wrażliwy
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exquisite - very sensitive
The room was decorated in exquisite taste. She has an exquisite sense of timing
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A vineyard is a plantation of grapevines, typically producing grapes used in vinemaking
biesiada - specjalny posiłek z dużą ilością jedzenia i picia
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feast - a special meal with large amounts of food and drink
Every fourth of July Americans have their annual Thanksgiving feast. Every guest brought a different dish to the party, and we had quite a feast. A feast is also a large formal dinner: There were hundreds of guests at the royal wedding feast.
rewia kolorów
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a feast of colors
uczta dla oczu
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a feast for the eyes
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a gravy boat
tłuczone ziemniaki
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mashed potatoes
sos żurawinowy
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cranberry sauce
miejsce spoczynku
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resting spot
This wooden tavern juts quite far out of the cliff face which makes it a popular resting spot for hikers
nieposłuszeństwo – akt otwartej odmowy posłuszeństwa czemuś lub komuś;
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defiance - an act of openly refusing to obey something or somebody
Nuclear testing was resumed in defiance of an international ban. She held up a clenched fist in an act of defiance. They arranged a street demonstration in complete defiance of the goverment ban. He was jailed for his defiance of the law
przedwczesna śmierć
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premature death
stypendium/uczony, erudyta
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a scholarship/a scholar
Scholar - a person who knows a lot about a particular subject because they have studied it in detail: She is the most distinguished scholar in her field. Literary scholars have argued about this matter for years
skierować kogoś do specjalisty
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refer someone to a specialist
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a mobster
John Dillinger was a famous American bank robber and a mobster
powstrzymać (kogoś) od robienia czegoś
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to restrain (somebody) from doing sth
To restrain means to stop something or somebody from doing things, especially by using physical force: The prisoner had to be restrained by the police. The conventions of the life of the upper-class were restraining its members
nakaz lub postanowienie sądu
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They have obtained an injunction that will restrain the company from selling the product.
zwolennik (czegoś) - osoba, która popiera pomysł lub sposób działania
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a proponent (of sth) - a person who supports an idea or course of action
A proponent is an advocate of something, a person in favour of a given idea or proposal: She's among the most outspoken proponents of the course of action. The theory does still have its proponents. He was a proponent of higher education for the blacks
wyznaczony kandydat
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a nominee
She is a former governor of Alaska and the first female Republican nominee for vice president of the US in the 2008 election
ujawnić się jako ktoś
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to come out as somebody
She starred in the TV sitcom "Ellen" and came out as a lesbian, just like her character.
oświecony, światły, postępowy
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Enlightened - showing or having an understanding of people's needs, a situation, etc., that is not based on old-fashioned attitudes or prejudice: More enlightened companies provided education for the workforce.
tytułowy, o tej samej nazwie
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1) eponymous 2) titular
An eponymous character of a book, play, film, etc. is the one mentioned in the title: Oprah Winfrey has hosted and produced the eponymous Oprah Winfrey Show for 25 years with great success
urok - ekscytująca i atrakcyjna cecha, która sprawia, że osoba, praca lub miejsce wydają się wyjątkowe, często ze względu na majątek lub status
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glamour - an exciting and attractive quality that makes a person, a job or place seem special, often because of wealth or status
Ireland's top fashion model added a touch of glamour to the event. Hopeful young actors are drawn by the glamour of Hollywood. They are dazzled by the glamour of Hollywood
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Dazzling: a) so bright that you cannot see for a short time (blinding), like a dazzling white light; b) impressing someone very much: That was a dazzling display of oriental dance
wbrew czemuś, w geście nieposłuszeństwa wobec czemuś
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in defiance of sth
Nuclear testing was resumed in defiance of an international ban
zaciśnięta pięść
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a clenched fist
zmienić swój sposób myślenia
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to shift your mindset
You can protect yourself from negativity by shifting your mindset and vibration
przewody, drogi energetyczne
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energy cords
You can learn how to clear energy cords, disconnect from negativity and prevent energy depletion
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To flabbergast - to shock or surprise someone very much: It flabbergasts me to see how many people still support them. We were flabbergasted by the news that he had won that game
dostosować się do czegoś
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to align to something - to change something slightly so that it is in the correct relationship to something else
Now I'll show you how to align to your Heart and Soul and cleanse your energy so you can stay balanced, centered and grounded. The domestic prices have been aligned with those in world markets
duchowość - wnętrze człowieka
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spirituality - the interior of a man
rozwikłać tajemnicę
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to unravel a mystery
Here you can unravel the mistery of The Law of Attraction and explore the nature of the universe
Coś, co sprawia nam przyjemność
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an indulgence - something that people do or enjoy as a special pleasure
She found that she couldn't afford the indulgences she had once enjoyed. For our anniversary we allowed ourselves the indulgence of an elegant dinner at our favourite restaurant. Good food is my only indulgence
kultywować coś
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to cultivate something - to develop an attitude, a way of talking and behaving, etc.
This modern image is actively cultivated by the company. It is important to cultivate compassion. To cultivate someone means to try to gain someone's friendship or support: He purposely tried to cultivate good relationship with the press.
tyłek - ta część ciała, na której siedzisz
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a butt - the part of your body you sit on
He slipped and landed on his butt. These exercises will make your butt firmer. Get your butt over here! (come over here now). He worked his butt off (he worked very hard) to finish on time.
ratować swój/czyjś tyłek
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to save one's butt
She really saved my butt (She helped me out of a difficult situation). I've saved your butt so many times.
Rusz tyłek z kanapy!
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get off your butt!
Why don't you get off your butt and do something? (Why don't you stop being so lazy and do something?)
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a rifle
The butt of a rifle is the thicker end of it (Butt is the thicker end of a weapon or took)
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yucky - causing discomfort, disgust, or a strong feeling of dislike (unpleasant or disgusting)
Some people consider oysters to be a delicacy; other people think they're yucky. The water was dirty and smelled yucky. The food was yucky (disgusting). I felt yucky after eating all that cake
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Hyperactive - extremely active or too active (overactive): My children are really hyperactive. All of these wild characters are products of the author's hyperactive imagination
dodawać energii życiowej
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invigorate - to give life and energy to someone
A brisk walk in the cool morning air always invigorates me. He was invigorated by the positive feedback. That was a brisk but invigorating walk. The major has plans to invigorate the inert downtown economy
taka (np. wypowiedź), w której gratulujesz samemu sobie
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His speech sounded very pompous and self-congratulatory. Pompous means showing that you think you are more important than other people, especially by using long and formal words and expressions: He seemed pompous because he perceived to be more important
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przyjąć perspektywę
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to adopt a perspective
The book adopts a historical perspective
podejść do problemu
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to approach a problem
You can try to approach the problem from a different perspective
trzymać kogoś w niewoli
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to keep someone captive
A terrorist let one hostage go, but kept the others captive
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spirit - the part of a person that includes their mind, feelings and character
You're underestimating the power of the human spirit to overcome difficulties. Yoga is meant to unite the body, mind and spirit. It's a testimony to the triumph of the human spirit.
nastrój, stan umysłu
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spirits - a person's feelings or state of mind
You can be in high or low spirits: They were all in high spirits as their team won the match. They were all in good spirits as they set out. This song never fails to lift my spirits. My spirits sank at the prospect of starting all over again
podtrzymywać kogoś/się na duchu
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to keep one's spirits up
You must try and keep your spirits up (stay cheerful). We sang songs to keep our spirits up
osoba lubiąca te same rzeczy co ty
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a kindred spirit
Kindred spirits are people who like the same things as you: I found a few kindred spirits in the peace movement
z duszą (z odwagą/determinacją)
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with spirit - with courage, energy or determination
Although the team lost, they played with tremendous spirit (they played with courage and determination). Peter had a good game and showed his true spirit. He sang with great spirit. She has plenty of fighting spirit
duch walki
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fighting spirit
A fighting spirit - a feeling that you're ready to fight very hard for something or to try to do something difficult
jeśli/kiedy twoja dusza się upomni/popchnie cię
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if/when the spirit moves you - If/when you feel like it
I'll go for a run this evening, If the spirit moves me. Make a donation to the charity if the spirit moves you.
w duchu (w myślach)
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in spirit - in one's thoughts
I shall be with you in spirit (I shall be thinking about you though not with you phisically
podnieść kogoś na duchu
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raise one's spirits
To raise one's spirits means to make someone feel more cheerful or brave: The sunny weather raised my spirits a little
duch jest chętny, ale ciało jest słabe (entuzjastyczna dusza jest uwięziona w wątłym ciele)
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the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak
This is a humorous saying used when someone intends to do good things but is too lazy, weak or busy to actually do them
rozkładać się np. na kanapie
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to sprawl - to lie or sit with your arms and legs spread wide apart
The kids sprawled on the carpet to watch TV. He sprawled on the coach. One punch in his face sent him sprawling to the floor (caused his to fall to the floor in an uncontrolled way). She tripped and went sprawling into the table.
rozrastać się - rozprzestrzeniać się lub rozwijać w nierówny, nieuporządkowany lub niekontrolowany sposób
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to sprawl - spread or develop in an uneven, untidy or uncontrolled way
The city sprawls along the coastline. The bushes were sprawling along the road. I saw her sprawling across the bed. He was sprawling in his chair
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coś (np. miasto) co się rozlewa (rozwija/rozprzestrzenia w sposób nieuporządkowany)
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a sprawl - a group of things (such as buildings) that cover an area in an uneven or untidy way
I saw a sprawl of stores and restaurants spreading out over the city in an untidy, uneven way
wahania nastroju
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mood swings
zakłopotanie, skrępowanie
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Bewilderment is a feeling of being confused very much: She stared at them in bewilderment (confusion) and shock. I stared at them holding a multitude of instructions in their hands. They must have been bewilderingly complex
pokaźny, znaczny
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substantial - large in amount, size or number
A substantial number of people commute to work each day. This will save us a substantial amount of time. She purchased her tickets at a substantial discount
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być w świetnej formie
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to be as right as rain
odróżnić coś od czegoś
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to differentiate something from something
The only thing that differentiates the twins is the color of their eyes; also to see or state the difference or differences between two or more things: We've been learning how to differentiate between different types of plants
walka do końca
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fight to the end
śrubokręt krzyżakowy
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phillips head screwdriver
samotniczy, odosobniony
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solitary - without anyone or anything else, not involving or including anyone or anything else
I saw one solitary figure coming over the horizon. He took a solitary stroll on the beach. It is a solitary job; Separate from other people or things: A solitary house stood on top of the cliff. He's a very solitary man
przyznać się do łapówkarstwa
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confess to bribery
wypukły, wytrzeszczony
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convex - having a shape like the outside of a bowl; curving outward
mieć dożywotni zakaz
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have a lifetime ban
wielokąt wklęsły
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concave polygon
Concave means having a shape like the inside of a bowl; curving inward, like a concave polygon or a concave lens
duża grupa lub liczba czegoś, wachlarz czegoś
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array of something - a large group or number of things - usually singular
They offer a bewildering/perplexing array of products and services. The car is available in an array of colors (in many different colors). We encountered a whole array of problems (many problems)
tablica (jednostka złożona z wielu usług)
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an array (unit made up of multiple services)
An array is a group of devices that together form a unit, like an array of solar panels or an antenna array
układać w szereg
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to array - to put or place a group of things in a particular position, to arrange in a particular order so that they look attractive
The layer is made up of bricks arranged (arrayed) in regular patterns. The table was arrayed with all sorts of delicacies (There were all sorts of delicacies arrayed (arranged) attractively on the table.
ustawić kogoś (żołnierzy lub oddziały)
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to array somebody (soldiers or troops) - put or place soldiers or troops in a place or position so that they are ready to attack
They have arrayed (deployed) military troops along the hilltop so that they could lay siege to the circled area
ubrać kogoś w eleganckie komplety
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to array someone (in fine clothing) - to dress someone, especially yourself in fine clothing
She has arrayed (dressed) herself in rich velvets and satins
nieokrzesany, prostacki
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crude - rude in a way that makes people uncomfortable, especially talking about sexual matters in a rude way
You should not date with that man. He seems crude to me. They tell a lot of crude (vulgar) jokes
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Crude - very simple and basic: done in a way that does not show a lot of skill: They built a crude shelter out of branches. It is a crude (simple) drawing
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derogatory - expressing a low opinion of someone or something
Derogatory means showing a lack of respect for somebody or something: He was accused of making derogatory remarks about her. Synonyms are: insulting, disrespectful
samozwańczy stróż prawa
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zaganiać do stada (zwierzęta)
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to herd (animals)
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Unlike his cinematic counterpart, the real cowboy was mostly overworked and underpaid.
zbyt nisko opłacany
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to toil
The real cowboy toiled hard fifteen hours a day, got by on little sleep and a dull diet of meat, flour and beans, and suffered from many ailments.
przeżyć na czymś, egzystować dzięki czemuś
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to get by on something
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ailment - a minor illness that is not very serious
She suffered from a chronic back illness. The doctor treated him for a variety of ailments. I got all the common childhood ailments. Below is a list of common childhood ailments
młody wół
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A steer is a male cow that has had its sex organs removed and is raised for meat
omijać (AmE)
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to steer clear of (AmE)
To steer clear (of) means to keep away from someone or something completely: He's in a bad mood. You'd better steer clear of him if you don't want trouble. I try to steer clear of the subject of politics when i talk to Jim
popłoch, panika; ucieczka ludzi i/lub zwierząt w popłochu
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Stampede - an occurrance in which a large group of excited or frightened animals or people run together in a wild and uncontrolled way to escape from something, get out of a place, etc: One of the greatest fears was stampedes of frightened cattle.
wyluzować, zrelaksować się, cieszyć się życiem
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to let loose
Once the cattle were sold, it was time to let loose and squander one's meagre earnings on gambling, whiskey and whores
popędzić (zwierzęta); uciekać w popłochu
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to stampede - to run away in a large group from something especially because of fear
People started to stampede to the exit. To stampede also means to cause people or animals to run away in a large group: The gunshot stampeded the cattle
przeludnienie (za dużo ludzi w jednym miejscu
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Overcrowding - a situation in which there are too many people or things in one place: They need to reduce overcrowding in the prison
drut kolczasty / ogrodzenie z drutu kolczastego
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barbed-wire / a barbed-wire fence
By the turn of the century, cattle runs began to decline, due to overgrazing, harsh winters and barbed-wire fences
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wybitny (wybitny uczony)
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eminent (an eminent scholar)
zasłużony, wybitny
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distinguished - very successful and admired by other people
He has had a long and distinguished (very successful) career in medicine. His elder brother was the distinguished mathematician and geologist John Playfair. Wales has a long and distinguished tradition of choral singing.
powstrzymać się - powstrzymać się od odczuwania emocji lub robienia czegoś, co chciałbyś zrobić
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to restrain yourself - stop yourself from feeling an emotion or doing something that you would like to do
John managed to restrain his anger; I managed to restrain the urge to punch him; You can restrain yourself from doing; She had to restrain herself from crying out in pain. I was tempted to answer back, but I restrained myself
posiadający sporą wiedzę na temat czegoś
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knowledgeable about sth - knowing a lot about something, well-informed
She is very knowledgeable about plants. Her lawyer seemed very knowledgeable and experienced. Bill was nice enough and seemed extremely knowledgeable too. She's very knowledgeable about all kinds of music
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imposing - impressive to look at; making a strong impression
👉That was a grand and imposing building 👉 Its sheer size is imposing. An imposing person makes a strong impression on you: 👉 She was a tall imposing woman
budzący podziw i respekt
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awe-inspiring - extremely impressive; making you admire it very much
The building was awe-inspiring in size and design. Seeing the canyon first-hand, as well as the canyon itself, is nothing short of awe-inspiring
wróg, przeciwnik
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The sun will probably be our greatest foe. Many considered him a foe of democracy. Her ability was acknowledged by her friends and foes alike
krem z filtrem przeciwsłonecznym
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a sunscreen
The sun will probably be our greatest foe. I bought some extra sunscreen, and I'll throw in some bananas as well
lekki i krótki opad
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flurry - a brief and light snowfall (snow flurry); a brief period of excitement or activity
We had a few flurries (light snowfalls) yesterday. There was a flurry of trading in the stock exchange. The incident could create a flurry (brief period) of interest in safety issues
nawał czegoś (np. informacji)
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a flurry of something
A flurry is a large amount of something that happens or comes suddenly: 👉 There was a flurry (large, sudden amount) of requests for more information
czaić się / czający się
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to lurk / lurking
Use a blacklight flashlight at night to spot any dangerous scorpions or bobcats lurking in the dark
rozpylacz wody
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a water mister
A water mister or bandana can make the searing heat more bearable
pieczenie (ciepło)
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searing (heat)
Searing - very hot: 👉 The heat of the fire was searing; extremely intense, severe: 👉 She felt a searing pain in her foot. It was a searing (extremely intense) experience.
Czy są tu gdzieś jadowite węże?
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Are there venomous snakes around here
przewyższać, przekraczać coś
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to surpass something
Winter lows routinely hit 0 °C but rarely fall far below freezing. Up at the rims, where the elevation can surpass 2,500 meters, visitors may have a frigid experience
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spadać (do)
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to creep down (to) (temperature)
Below the rim at river level, daily highs max out at around 42°C. When it's winter, average lows from November to February each year creep down to -10°C.
złe lub niemoralne nawyki; złe lub niemoralne zachowania
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a vice - evil or immoral (nefarious) behavior or habits; a quality in somebody's character that is evil or immoral
Such men can be prone to vice. Greed is a terrible vice. The film ended most satisfactorily: vice punished and virtue rewarded. He used his inheritance to indulge his vices of drinking and gambling. Of his many vices, his cruelty was the worst
cnotliwość, cnota
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virtue - morally good behavior or character; a good and moral quality
I urge you all to lead lives of virtue. His supporters regard him as a model of virtue (a person who has no moral faults). She says that virtue is its own reward (If you do good things, you don't need to be rewarded with money, fame, etc.)
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vice – działalność przestępcza z udziałem seksu lub narkotyków
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vice - criminal activities that involve sex or drugs
The bright 21-year-old turned to a secret life of vice after getting bored with her studies at college. At the door were two plain-clothes detectives from the vice squad
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a vice
A vice is a tool with two metal blocks that can be moved together by turning a screw. The vice can be used to hold an object in place while work is done on it: 👉 He held my arm in a vice-like (very firm) grip
piekielny (bardzo zły, fatalny)
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The first half has been 45 hellish minutes for our team. They're 3-0 down.
na granicy czegoś (niedługo przed czymś/doświadczeniem czegoś)
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on the verge of something
rozmowa jeden na jednego
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one-on-one conversation
zrzec się swoich praw rodzicielskich
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to relinquish one's parental rights
zrezygnować z czegoś, zrzec się czegoś
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to relinquish something - to give something up, to stop having something, especially when this happens unwillingly
He was forced to relinquish control of the company. They had relinquished all hope that she was alive. She relinquished possession of the house to her sister. They will never voluntarily relinquish their independence. He finally relinquished my hand.
zadufany w sobie, pewny siebie
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self-assured - having or showing confidence in yourself and your abilities
She was calm and self-assured. He has a self-assured manner
lwia część czegoś
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lion's share of something
After the break, they still enjoyed the lion's share of possession, but couldn't do anything with it
cnota jest sama w sobie nagrodą
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virtue is its own reward
If you do good things, you don't need to be rewarded with money, fame, etc. You say that virtue is its own reward
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papier ścierny
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cnota - dobra lub moralna cecha
Cierpliwość jest cnotą
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a virtue - a good or moral quality
Patience is a virtue. When you are patient, you live virtuously
cnota - dobry wynik, który z czegoś pochodzi
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a virtue - a good result that comes from something
Her parents taught her the virtue of hard work (that hard work is important and valuable)
ze względu na, na mocy czegoś
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by virtue of something - because of something, in view of something
She has the right to participate by virtue of her status as a former employee
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a chisel
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power drill
Wczoraj zobaczyłem piłę
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Yesterday I saw a saw
zrobić cnotę z konieczności (skorzystać na czymś, do czego zostałeś zmuszony)
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to make a virtue out of necessity - to benefit from something that you are forced to do
When he lost his driver's license, he made a virtue out of necessity and got in shape by riding his bike to work
łóżko piętrowe
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a bunk bed
kołyska / kolebka
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a cradle
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a spade
Rozkładane łóżko
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divan bed
Divan (or divan bed) is a bed with a thick base and a mattress
łóżko z baldachimem (z dachem)
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four-poster bed
lambrekin (falbany pod prześcieradłem)
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Valance is a narrow piece of cloth like a short curtain that hangs around the frame of a bed, under a shelf, etc.
robótki na drutach
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A patchwork is a type of needlework in which small pieces of cloth of different colours or designs are sewn together
drabinka / siłownia do gimnastyki
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climbing frame/ jungle gym
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a rake
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a wheelbarrow
zaczep do roweru
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kosz noszony na plecach/zaczepiony na tył roweru
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Pannier - each of a pair of bags or boxes carried on either side of the back wheel of a bicycle or motorcycle; each of a pair of baskets carried on either side of its back by a horse or donkey
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a watering can
fotelik dziecięcy
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child seat
nóżka (np. do oparcia skutera)
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1) stabilizatory 2) kółka treningowe (montowane do tylnego koła roweru)
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1) stabilizers 2) training wheels
wąż ogrodowy
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garden hose
polna droga
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a dirt track
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pruning scissors
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rower do jazdy ekstremalnej (cross)
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a dirt bike
biegacz (rower wyścigowy)
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kierownica (roweru)
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tylny hamulec w rowerze
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rear brake
koło łańcuchowe
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chain wheel
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flower pot
dźwignia hamulca
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brake lever
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a crank
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tandem (rower na dwie osoby)
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a tandem
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a door frame
A frame is a strong border of structure of wood, metal, etc. that holds a door, picture, piece of glass in position: I'm going to paint the door frame white. She leaned against the frame of the door
rama, konstrukcja, pułapka
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frame - the supporting structure of a piece of furniture, a building, a vehicle, etc. that gives it its shape
The bed frame is made of pine. In the 1920s, federal office buildings were typically built with steel frames encased in concrete or granite. There is a frame of an aircraft, a bicycle, a unicycle, a car, etc.
szczupła sylwetka
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a slender figure/frame
In this context, a frame is the form or structure of a person or animal's body: She has a slender frame. The frame of the animal is really slender. The bed was shorter than his six-foot frame. He has a lean, athletic frame. She has quite a small frame.
podstęp, sztuczka
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stealth - the fact of doing something in a quiet or secret way
The government was accused of trying to introduce the tax by stealth. Lions rely on stealth when hunting
zmęczenie spowodowane różnicą czasu
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jet lag
Jet lag is a tired and unpleasant feeling that you sometimes get when you travel by airplane to a place that is far away: I had bad jet lag after that last trip overseas
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krawiec / krawcowa
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Seamstress - ​a man or woman who can sew and make clothes or whose job is sewing and making clothes
zmarszczka, mała fala
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a ripple - a small wave on the surface of a liquid, especially water in a lake, etc.
The air was so still that there was hardly a ripple on the pond's surface. He watched the ripples spread across the pool. I dropped the pebble in the water, sending ripples across the pond. The sinking pebble sent ripples across the surface of the lake
kamyk – gładki, okrągły kamień, który znajduje się w wodzie lub w jej pobliżu
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pebble - a smooth, round stone that is found in or near water
A pebble beach is one in which mainly pebbles are contained
fala czegoś, falowy odgłos, np. dźwięk fali morskiej
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a ripple of something
A ripple of ... is a sound that gradually becomes louder and then quieter again, like a ripple of laughter or a ripple of applause: His remarks sent a ripple of laughter through the audience
fala (krzykliwego śmiech)
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a ripple of (garlish laughter)
A ripple of ... is a feeling that gradually spreads or passes through a person or group of people: A ripple of fear passed through him. The announcement sent a ripple of excitement through the crowd. Her visit caused no more than a ripple of interest
tytułowo, zgodnie z tytułem czegoś lub nazwą np. miasta
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America's favorite, and eponymously named chocolate comes from Hershey
odpowiednio, stosownie, co za tym idzie
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America's favorite, and eponymously named chocolate comes from Hershey. Fittingly, the town has a chocolate factory and a theme park called Hershey's Chocolate World
pęknięcie / pęknięty
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a crack / cracked
And most famous of all, in the Independence National Historic Park in Philadelphia you can find Independence Hall, and the cracked Liberty Bell.
Atrakcją w wesołym miasteczku, na której można się przejechać (np. karuzela)
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A ride
The park contained rides for children and rollercoasters for adults
przeoczony, pominięty
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Pennsylvania is often an overlooked state, especially by foreigners who are thinking of the USA's most famous places
kanapka z serem
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cheesesteak sandwich
Pennsylvania is famous for the cheesesteak sandwich
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Suffix is a letter or group of letters added to the end of a word to make another word, such as -ly in quickly or -ness in sadness: You may have noticed many places in Pennsylvania have the suffix 'burg'.
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Montage is a picture, film or piece of music or writing that consists of many separate items put together, especially in an interesting or unusual combination, like a photographic montage. Also: a process of making a montage
Zamknąć coś w czymś, szczególnie w celu ochrony czegoś
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To encase something in something
To encase means ​to surround or cover something completely, especially to protect it: The reactor is encased in concrete and steel. His upper body was completely encased in bandages
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a chuckle / a giggle
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She promptly seized the opportunity that his absence gave her. To seize a chance, an opportunity or initiative means to be quick to make a use of them: The party seized the initiative quickly and with enthusiasm.
nakłonić kogoś do zrobienia czegoś
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to prompt somebody to do something
This code displays an input element prompting a user to type in their username.
rozkosz, zachwyt
Dzieci pisknęły z zachwytu, gdy zobaczyły szczeniaka. Nie była w stanie ukryć swojego zachwytu z powodu tej wiadomości
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delight - a feeling of great pleasure
The children squealed with delight when they saw a puppy. She couldn't hide her delight at the news
ku uciesze...
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to the delight of...
She won the game quickly and easily, to the delight of her fans
czerpać z czegoś przyjemność
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to take delight in something
He takes delight in proving other people wrong. I used to take delight in playing video games, but now I hardly have time for them. She took a simple delight in joys that we could all share.
Coś, co sprawia Ci ogromną przyjemność
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A delight - something that gives you great pleasure
This guitar is a delight to play. That match was a delight to watch. Now let's talk for a moment about the delights of living in the countryside. The baby was a constant delight and source of amazement. It was a delight to see him so fit and healthy.
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próbować, degustować czegoś
Spróbujmy kulinarnych przysmaków Maroka
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to sample something
Let's sample the culinary delights of Morocco
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to sneer/mock - to show that you have no respect for somebody by the expression on your face or the way you speak
He sneered at people who liked pop music. 'You? A writer?' she sneered, then she gave a sneering laughter.
szeroki uśmiech
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broad smile
Zdyszany przez coś
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Winded by something
Winded by grocery shopping and household chores? Remember that regular physical activity can improve your muscle strength and boost your endurance.
składniki odżywcze
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Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. And when your heart and lung health improve, you have more energy to tackle daily chores.
układ sercowo-naczyniowy
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cardiovascular system
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Ben's bakeshop is open daily till 8:00 PM.
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kremowy ptyś
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a cream puff
rwąca rzeka
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a rushing river
sezonowe składniki
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seasonal ingredients
technologia wspomagająca
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an assistive technology
kontekstualizowany - umieszczony lub studiowany w kontekście
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contextualized - placed or studied in context
To contextualize something means to place or study it in context: The book contextualizes Melville's short fiction and poetry. Also to contextualize means to consider something in relation to the situation in which something happens or exists.
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It's important to use descriptive texts for button actions and links so that users know what will happen when they interact.
brzydzić się, mocno nie znosić
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loathe - dislike somebody or something very much
I loathe modern art. They loathe each other. He loathed hypocrisy. Many of the people fear and loathe the new government. Wheather you love or loathe their music, you can't deny their talent.
przejąć kontrolę nad (miastem/krajem)
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to seize control of a (city/country)
The hostile armed forces managed to seize control of the country.
przejąć władzę
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to seize power
skonfiskować towar
Podczas nalotu skonfiskowano dużą ilość narkotyków
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to seize goods - to take illegal or stolen goods away from somebody
A large quantity of drugs was seized during the raid.
pociągać coś za sobą, wiązać się z czymś
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to entail something
Before you assess what particular skill level you want to aim for, remember to break it down as the main skill most probably entails a lot of small skills. Try to identify these ‘subskills’ and plan on learning them.
zniknąć bez śladu
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disappear without a trace
renegat, buntownik
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a renegade - a person who leaves one political, religious, etc. group to join another that has very different views
There was no place for a communist renegade in the political climate of the time. Also: a person who opposes and lives outside a group or society that they used to belong to. One synonym here is: outlaw
potknąć się, popełnić błąd
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to trip up
Learn from other people's mistakes and experiences. Is there a particular aspect to the skill that trips people up? Being aware of it at the beginning is a big step towards overcoming/avoiding it.
fachowa wiedza
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professional knowledge
o sokolim wzroku
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about falconry eyesight
ostateczny montaż
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final assembly
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a falcon
przekazać wiadomość
Nie zapomnij przekazać tej wiadomości swojemu menadżerowi
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to convey a message
Don't forget to convey the message to your manager.
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dotrzeć na szczyt
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reach the top
uważać coś za coś
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to consider something as something
I consider video games as a source of short-term pleasure. Lots of people take delight in them.
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exhaust fumes
trampolina, odskocznia do czegoś
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a springboard (for sth/ a springboard to sth) - a strong board that you jump on and use to help you jump high in diving and gymnastics
Also: something that helps you start an activity, especially by giving you ideas: The document provided a springboard for a lot of useful discussion. The show aims to give new young talent a springboard to success.
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rebuke (or reprimand) - the act of speaking in a severe or agressive way (severely) to somebody because they have done something wrong: He was silenced by her stinging rebuke.
mocno kogoś skrytykować
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to lay in to somebody, to lecture somebody/ to give someone a lecture
My boss laid in to me for my bad performance in the project.
wydobyć coś, uwydatnić, uwidocznić coś
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to bring out something - make something easy to see or understand
That dress really brings out the colour of your eyes. Also: to publish or release: The band have just brought out their second album. The renowned worldwide writer has just brought out another bestseller.
zdolność do recyklingu
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The recyclability of waste materials depends on its ability to reacquire the properties it had in its original state.
składowisko odpadów
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a landfill site
odpady komunalne
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municipal waste
trasa transportu
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transportation route
The Santa-Fe Trail was a 19th-century transportation route through central North America that connected Franklin, Missouri with Santa Fe, New Mexico.
dojrzałość (np. owocu)
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ripeness (e.g. of a fruit)
linia ukośna
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diagonal line
rozbłysk słoneczny
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solar flare
The biggest solar flare ever recorded happened on Monday, April 2, 2001.
przedsięwzięcie – projekt lub działalność biznesowa, zwłaszcza wiążąca się z podejmowaniem ryzyka
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venture - a business project or activity, especially one that involves taking risk
A disastrous business venture lost him thousands of dollars. The directors of the company declined to undertake such a risky venture. "Sesame Ventures" is a fund that invests in education. The synonym for 'venture' is 'undertaking'.
Wysłane i sprzedane przez X
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Dispatched from and sold by X
przereklamowany (przeciwnie: niedoceniany)
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overrated (opposite: underrated)
słownik wyrazów bliskoznacznych
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prawdziwy, istny, autentyczny
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veritable - used to emphasize that somebody/something can be compared to somebody or something else that is more exciting, more impressive, etc.
The meal that followed was a veritable banquet. The carnival provided a veritable feast of sights and sounds. That music was a feast for my ears.
zapytanie, śledztwo
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inquiry - an official process to find out the cause of something or to find out information about something, like a murder inquiry
You can launch and then conduct an inquiry or investigation into an affair.
potencjalny, przyszły
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We received about 300 inquiries about the job from prospective employees. Prospective students requested information about courses.
osoba pracująca w niepełnym wymiarze godzin
Nauczyciele zazwyczaj pracują na pół etatu i są adiunktami.
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a part-timer
Teachers are typically part-timers and adjunct faculty
fala upałów
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heat wave
powołanie do wydziału, nominacja na wydział
Miałem szczęście otrzymać nominacje do wydziału w Ohio State
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faculty appointment
I was fortunate to receive a faculty appointment at Ohio State
Stopień bezpieczeństwa pracy
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A degree of job security
Dowolna z fizycznych lub umysłowych zdolności, z którymi dana osoba się rodzi
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A faculty - any of the physical or mental abilities that a person is born with
You posess the faculty of sight. The ability to think and understand are your mental faculties: She retained her mental faculties until the day she died. When you are in full posession of your faculties, you're able to see, speak, understand, etc.
dbać o aktualność ewidencji, aktualizować dokumentację
On zawsze jest skrupulatny w aktualizowaniu dokumentacji.
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to keep the records up to date
He's always meticulous in keeping the records up to date.
zachować (zdolności umysłowe)
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to retain (one's mental faculties)
She retained her mental faculties until the day she died. She remained in full possession of her mental faculties until the day she died.
lampy uliczne z kutego żelaza
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wrought-iron street lights
The Eiffel Tower is a wrought-iron lattice tower on the Champ de Mars in Paris, France. It is named after the engineer Gustave Eiffel, whose company designed and built the tower.
agencja reklamowa
Ona jest żywiołową i delikatną studentką, która marzy o pracy w agencji reklamowej
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an advertising agency
She is a vivacious and fragile student who dreams of working for an advertising agency.
żywiołowy, pełen życia
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vivacious - lively, having a lively, attractive personality
I have three pretty, vivacious daughters. She appeared to be her old vivacious self again.
współlokator w pokoju
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a roommate
By accident, they end up living together as roommates.
niechlujny - brudny i/lub nieporządny
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messy - dirty and/or untidy
The house was always messy (The house was always a mess). Tell me how did the place get so messy? Sorry it's a bit messy in here. On his desk was a messy pile of notes and drawings. While he likes order, She is messy.
zrównoważony, opanowany, spokojny
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He likes order while she is messy. He is always calm and level-headed while her reactions are deeply emotional.
dom towarowy
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department store
sklep rybny
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niekomfortowa sytuacja
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a messy situation - a situation that is unpleasant, confused or difficult to deal with.
The divorce appeared to be painful and messy. The whole situation got rather messy.
Sam zobacz, sam sie przekonaj
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See for yourself
Will they be able to live together as roommates under the same roof? See for yourself.
sklep meblowy
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furniture shop
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poczta głosowa
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voice mail
lektor, aktor podkładający głos
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voice artist
To begin with, the reserved and conceited violin maker and a tiny aspiring voice artist can't stand each other, let alone like one another.
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an axis
The plural form of "axis" is "axes": Don't worry about remembering all the details about the main and cross axes! We'll get plenty of practise in the following chapters.
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prostopadły (np. o osi)
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perpendicular (e.g. of an axis)
Flexbox containers also have a cross axis, which is an imaginary line perpendicular to the main axis
Pewnego razu...
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Once upon a time...
przesłonić coś (np. regułę)
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to override something (e.g. a rule)
Now let's use the class to override the parent element's color property and set the color to orange.
Na miejsca, gotowi do startu, start!
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On your marks, get set, go!
sklep sportowy
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sports shop
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an attendee
The list of all attendees: Mark, Lee and Obi.
sklep mięsny
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fragment, urywek (kodu)
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a snippet of (code)
obalić (rząd lub reżim)
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to overthrow (a government or regime)
It was seen as the only way to overthrow a corrupt regime
zdroworozsądkowe podejście
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a common-sense approach
Common sense is the ability to think about things in a practical way and make good decision: For goodness' sake, just use your common sense. It's common sense to keep medicines away from children. I'd like to get at a common-sense approach to the problem.
Uncja czegoś
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An ounce of something
zwyciężać, przeważać nad czymś
Mam tylko nadzieję, że zdrowy rozsądek zwycięży
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to prevail over sth
I just hope that common sense will prevail.
zespół oceniający
Zespół oceniający będzie szukał przykładów praktycznego zdrowego rozsądku.
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an assessment team
The assessment team will be looking for examples of practical common sense.
profesjonalny ocena sytuacji
Twoja profesjonalna ocena sytuacji będzie opierać się na doświadczeniu i zdrowym rozsądku.
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professional judgement
Your professional judgement will be based on experience and common sense.
sklep papierniczy
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stationery shop
Jest człowiekiem powściągliwym, prawie milczącym.
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reserved - slow to reveal emotion or opinions
He is a reserved, almost taciturn man.
milczący, małomówny
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taciturn (of a person) - reserved or uncommunicative in speech; saying little
After such gatherings she would be rather taciturn.
Podlegać, ulegać czemuś, być poddanym czemuś
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To be subject to something
This offer is subject to change without any prior notice.
przesłanie, zgłoszenie (np. zdjęć)
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a submission
czytać dalej
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to read on
Can you hurt a rock's feelinigs? Read on to find out more.
przerzucać kanały tv
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to flip through channels
odwrócić coś
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to flip something
If the flex-direction property is set to "row", how do you flip the start and end of the main axis without changing the orientation? The answer is: change "row" to "row-reverse".
odbiegać od czegoś
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to diverge from sth
I have a few rationals behind being afraid that both the footballer's form and physical condition may to diverge from what was expected a few months ago.
rozejść się (o drogach)
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to diverge (about roads)
The two roads diverged in a wood.
pogrążony w (ubóstwie)
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mired in (poverty)
Around 1 billion people around the world are still mired in extreme poverty.
w bagno - w trudną sytuację
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into the mire - into a tricky or difficult situation
If there is some kind of political scandal, then we can say that the politician is mired in a scandal because they have done something bad.
trzymać psa na smyczy
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to walk a dog on a leash
Radzić sobie z bardzo trudną sytuacją, w której nawet mały błąd może doprowadzić do katastrofy.
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to walk a tight rope - to deal with a very difficult situation in which even a little mistake can lead to disaster
Dealing with inflation can be really difficult to do successfully because there is risk and danger on either side involved. Such a risky and dangerous situation is called a tight rope.
schronisko dla zwierząt
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animal shelter
szkodliwe substancje
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harmful substances
niechęty do zrobienia czegoś
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loath to do something - not willing to do something
He was loath to admit his mistakes. They were obviously loath to let her leave.
widmo czegoś
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a spectre of something (AmE specter) - something unpleasant that people are afraid might happen in the future
The country is haunted by the spectre of civil war. These weeks of drought have once again raised the spectre of widespread famine. The terrible spectre of civil war hung over the country once again.
z deszczu pod rynnę
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out of the frying pan and into the fire - used to describe negative situations that become more negative
When a sports team is loosing, things are bad, but when they conceed another goal or continue to loose points, things come from bad to worse.
przylutowany do czegoś
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soldered to something
The delidding process is often considered unnecessary, because these CPUs are already soldered to the heat spreaders
na wolności
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on freedom
płytka kondensatora
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a capacitor plate
miernik przewodności
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conductivity meter
chwycić się czegoś, złapać coś
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to seize hold of something
He seized hold of the gun. She seized hold of my hand. The wrestlers try to seize hold of each other. He seized hold of the book and started reading. Earlier he seized the book from her hand.
Przejąć kontrolę nad czymś
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to seize something - take control of something, often in a sudden and violent way
They seized control of the airport in a surprise attack. The army has seized control of the country. He seized power in a military coup.
złapać, przechwycić lub aresztować kogoś
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to seize someone - to arrest or capture someone
The men were seized as they left the building. Terrorists have seized five hostages. He was immediately seized and thrown into prison. We have the legal right to seize him.
ogarnąć kogoś (o emocji)
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to seize somebody (about an emotion) - to affect somebody suddenly and deeply
Panic seized her. He was seized by curiosity.
kontekstualizować - rozważać coś w odniesieniu do sytuacji, w której to się dzieje lub istnieje
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to contextualize - to consider something in relation to the situation in which it happens or exists
As important as the photograph is a caption to contextualize the image.

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