5th year. Right and wrong

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Question English
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rules that people in a country must obey
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law (ley)

person who decides how to punish people. Juez
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judge (juez)

Place where the judge makes legal decisions
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court (corte de justicia/ tribunales)

something illegal is...
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against the law (contra le ley)

do something illegal
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commit a crime/ break the law

sum of money you pay if you break the law
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fine (multa/ multar)

Place where criminals go as a punishment
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prison (prision/ carcel)

unpaid work to avoid prison
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community service.

When you are taken to prison
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You are arrested for.../ you are under arrest

escape in English
make off

release you without punishment
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let you off

synonym of bother (constantly)
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tease/ bully (acosar-molestar)


taking sth from a student (who did sth wrong) as a punishment for a short time
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punishment staying after school
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make a student stay away from school for a time or permanently
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exclusion / exclude (verb)

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